Wednesday, October 22, 2014

might as well jump. jump!

i know that ideas for cookie designs are pretty much endless, but it still amazes me when someone approaches me with a new idea to work on.  this time, it was a birthday party at a bounce house.  after  my usual google routine, i found something that looked like it would work.  bonus:  it was fairly simple.  check it out:

first, i flooded square cookies with plain white frosting as the base.  then i took the first color and drew a little rectangle in the middle:

with the next color, i added a line on top and on the bottom.

just a little off to the side went a triangle:

on the left with color number 2 went a column, and then a sliver of the top of the column on the right rear.

i picked up the the first color again to form the bottom step, and then i used the 4th color to make the "hat" on top of the first column and the base of the second column.  can you see the basic shape now?

one more time with that first color to create the illusion of the 4th column in the back:


final step - the net in the middle.

all done!  it was pretty easy, once i got the first few out of the way.  what do you think?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

celebrating halloween, disney-style

with some free time on sunday, the girls and i decided to head down to disneyland and check out the halloween activities at big thunder ranch.  but first, we stopped to watch the frozen pre-parade show since we'd managed to time our arrival just right.

that face just kills me.  i crack up every time i look at it.

so this "show" is really just a float that comes down the route before the parade actually starts.  it's got an animatronics version of olaf on the front of it, and then anna and elsa are perched atop, waving at the crowds below.

they play an instrumental version of "let it go" as the princesses glide down the street, so of course i had it stuck in my head for the rest of the day.  oy.

it was pretty crowded that day, being a sunday while a holiday overlay decorated the entire park.  we had just an hour and a half before the halloween carnival back in big thunder ranch was over, and we found a shitton of people when we got there.

there was a meet & greet area where you could take pictures with one of several different disney villains.

characters were roaming the area dressed in halloween costumes:

 and there were some really cool pumpkins on display.

the girls decided to head over and decorate some masks and finger puppets.

photobombed by minnie.

one more photo op on the way out:

in a little corner next to rancho del zocalo, the mexican restaurant in the park, there was a little display for dia de los muertos - the day of the dead.

and a rare disney freebie - face painting.

we caught the 4D preview of disney's next movie, "big hero 6."

and got to enjoy one ride of the bean's choice - buzz lightyear's astro blasters.  i always end up riding solo here because the cars only accommodate two at a time.  i don't look too unhappy about it, though, huh?

and then a couple of these wrapped up to go for dinner:

not bad for a 3-hour window of free time, huh?

Monday, October 20, 2014

little pearly shells

this weekend was really fun, and we kicked it off with something i've been really excited for - the bean's hula recital.  it's one of her most favorite activities, and i may be a little biased, but i think she's really good at it.

although i had the perfect dress to wear, i had to throw my new t-shirt over it.  it'd been gifted to all of the moms by the studio:

we needed to have the bean there an hour before showtime to get the rest of her costume and have some hair and makeup done.  this was good, because we managed to snag front-row seats right in the middle.

of course, while i was backstage overseeing the bean's preparations, they added a new row of chairs right in front.  luckily, MIL was on top of it and scooted us right up into the best seats in the house.  i'd have been pretty pissed had i come out and found that our perfect spots had been obscured by additional seating.  heh.  i guess maybe i am a dance mom after all.

meanwhile, the bean was finally seated in the stylist's chair getting her hair did.

she's been rather anti-photos lately, so i got a lot of faces.

but she relented and gave me a smile or two.

i love the flower in her hair.

then it was time to head out front for a few shots with the photographer.

this studio came to be because the owner's daughter has special needs.  after trying to take dance classes with her sister at several different locations and not being treated fairly, they decided to open their own with a teacher who refused to treat her daughter any differently from the other students.  they offer classes in different genres and are open to all ages and abilities, with a number of classes that focus on kids with special needs or disabilities.  it's still a relatively small studio, and so the recital was not too long - just six performances in total.  and it was really wonderful to watch the kids up on stage, all dressed in their costumes and doing their thing.  there may have been some onions being chopped nearby, and there was a lot of sniffling throughout the audience.  it was very sweet.

the hula girls performed last.

of course, i was dying.  and bursting with pride.  if you have three minutes to spare, here's one of the dances they did:

a final bow:

and that was that.

i can't wait to watch her continue on in class and learn more dances.  i'm kind of debating asking if she can move up to the next level - she's currently the oldest in the 5-7 year old class, and i think she could really benefit from being with the older girls.  we'll see.  she loves the kids in her class, so i don't want to ruin that for her.

see, i'm not a crazy dance mom after all.  
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