Monday, May 29, 2017

looking back at the last days

i'm pretty sure most of you aren't at work today and won't be spending any of your precious off-duty time looking at my blog, so i'm going to just do a quick little walk down memory lane.  because it's fun.  the end of a school year always has me wanting to do a little reminiscing, and you've probably seen this around this time of year from me anyway.  don't want to disappoint.

so...last day of kindergarten, in 2014:

she looks so tiny!  and my chalkboard looks like i did it with my left foot or something.  yikes.

by the last day of first grade, i'd gotten my shit together.

a year later, at the end of second grade:

and just last week, finishing off the third grade.

one of my facebook friends pointed out that i better make sure i find a shorter skirt for next year, since there's apparently a pattern here.  maxi dress on the odd year, short for the even.  got it.

i do love this little tradition, though.  it's going to be super fun to put together a slideshow or something when she graduates from high school.  ooooohhhh, i can't wait!

wait, yes i can.  i don't want the time to go by any faster than it already is.  YARG.

Friday, May 26, 2017

rollin' outta third grade

ah, the last week of school. isn't it always the best time of the year? all the hard work is done, grades have been turned in, and the final days are spent just unwinding, having fun, signing yearbooks. i always loved it.

as does the bean. this was her final week of third grade, and even she thought it flew by. every day was a half day, with lots of fun stuff planned. 

monday was cleanup day. the kids brought extra bags to class to pack up all of their supplies, artwork, projects, etc. and when that was all done they got to have an ice cream party to celebrate their accomplishments during "multiplication madness." over the last couple of months they worked on mastering their times tables and some basic 1- and 2-digit multiplication and basic division, and with each test passed they earned a topping for their ice cream sundae. the bean got all the way through the tables 0-12, multiplying 2 digits times 1 digit and then times 2 digits, plus dividing 3 digits by 1. it was a long, hard road for the entire class and they were thrilled to enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

after school that day we decided to truck out to the mall for lunch and a celebratory squishy from the sanrio store.

strawberry pocket pies from the hello kitty cafe seemed appropriate, too. 

and because her new cheer schedule conflicts with her hula class, this was her last one for awhile. we're hoping the schedule changes for fall, so our fingers are crossed that she can go back. 

tuesday was board game day. they got to bring a game to school to share with their friends, and spent some time signing each other's yearbooks. 

wednesday was extra fun. i'd made shirts for the whole third grade class to wear to their bowling party and i was pretty stoked to see them all wearing them. they got to grab sharpies and sign the backs of the shirts before grabbing a little breakfast. it was pretty funny watching them form little trains as they signed away. 

breakfast was provided potluck-style by the parents, plus some delicious donuts that my co-room mom brought in. 

the bowling party was a blast. 

and what's a party without cake?

the bean's teacher surprised me with a cute little pedicure basket and a little book of notes from the entire class that thanked me for being their room mom. it was all so dang sweet, and i had to wait till i got home to read it all. because you know, i didn't want to cry in front of the kids. 

yesterday was the very last day of the year. the only thing on the agenda was the final awards assembly, and we started the day with our traditional last day of school photo:

we were super proud of her as she accepted her awards. as hard as the third grade had been, she managed to pull down straight As all year long and kept her spot on the principal's list the whole way through. not only that, but she had perfect attendance for the first time ever. pretty awesome. 

we love all of her friends!

i was really amused to watch her with some of the girls as they headed back to the classroom to get their report cards. like, i KNOW she had to be feeling quite regal as her buddy carried the back of her maxi skirt to keep it from getting dirty. 

one final moment with her teacher and friends:

and then it was off to a pool party:

and later that evening, the movies. the new pirates flick is fantastic, by the way. a must-see if you were a fan of the first three. and be sure to stay to the end of the credits for a bonus scene!

whew! what a week. what a YEAR!  and now, time for a much-needed break with a summer of freedom. no summer school means no morning routines, and with all of her extracurricular activities being later in the day, it's gonna be grand. i can't wait to see what summer brings for us. 

and then come august- fourth grade, here we come!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

don't drink the blue milk

i'm pretty sure you're aware of my level of star wars-nerdiness.  i loved those movies as a kid and have rediscovered them while watching them with the bean over the last few years, plus the new ones.  not the ones that came out in the 2000s, though - those sucked.  so boring.  but i digress.

luckily, i have friends who are just as star wars nerdy as i am.  and when word of a pop-up "scum & villainy" cantina straight out of the movies came out, we signed up for a reservation right away.  it took what seemed like forever, and then finally it was time for us to head out to hollywood and check it out.  none of us really knew what to expect other than a couple of themed drinks and a handful of food options, so we went in hoping we'd have some fun in a cool environment.

i even busted out some of the star wars fabric i've been hoarding, waiting for just the right moment to use it.  and since we were experiencing a crazy heat wave, i decided to make a simple tank-style minidress:

i love riding with lilcee to the west side.  she always knows all the best shortcuts and is a super aggressive driver who can handle any sort of traffic the universe throws her way.  she found us a great parking spot just across the street and around the corner from the cantina, with a great view of the creepy ass scientology building.

as we crossed hollywood boulevard, we could see the hollywood sign off in the distance.

and then we were there...or so we thought.  the guy standing here told us to keep walking around the corner and join the line that was formed in the alley behind the building.  i guess no experience is worth it if you don't have to work a little for it, huh?

the girl who checked us in handed us these tickets (to exchange at the end of our visit for some commemorative merchandise) and two drink tokens.

it wasn't a very long wait though, and we found ourselves moving towards the entrance in no time.

just inside the door was this out-of-order atm.  hmmm.

and then we came across our first photo op:

there were a few pieces of merchandise available for sale.

and then just past that, we got our first look at the "cantina."

all of the tables were taken, although there was a couple there with their little boy who offered to share their booth with us.  we happily accepted and made small talk with them as we perused the menu.

along with a couple of the others, i opted for the blood orange-flavored "a bad feeling about this" drink, while dailygluttony decided to try "the chosen one."  all were served with "light sabers" that we all agreed we could have done at home with glow sticks from the dollar bins.  heh.

being 3:00 in the afternoon, there weren't too many costumes in the place.  i saw one princess leia, a girl wearing a skirt with a light saber print on it and this guy, presumably dressed as a jedi knight.

oh, and this guy who was totally out of place in his star trek outfit.  he totally knew we were looking at him and even smiled as lilcee snapped a photo of him.

group photo!

there's a frog in this vat of juice...

meanwhile, the bean was having a blast at the beach with her daddy.

we tired of the dive bar experience pretty quickly and got outta there about an hour after we'd arrived.  one more photo op, just because:

in the car, i checked out the merchandise we'd received - an etched glass and a souvenir token of some sort.

we decided to hit up a nearby thai restaurant that the others had heard great things about.  it was located across from the "crossroads of the world," a spot that has some sort of historical significance that i still need to look up.  a smaller version of this is in hollywood studios over in disney world, so it must have a story behind it.

here's where we ate:

because i'm 10, i totally giggled at "dang soda."

thai iced coffee.  it was super sweet, but i liked it.

we ordered several dishes and shared them, family style.  there was a spicy crab curry, an order of jade noodles with crispy pork cubes, and thai-style fried chicken that was super delicious.

and as we ate, the hub sent me a picture of the bean happily playing with one of his friends' dogs at their beach house.

and so i guess you can tell that the scum & villainy experience was not something we would necessarily recommend.  like i said, we didn't really know what to expect, but what we got definitely wasn't worth the drive out to hollywood.  so if you're thinking about heading out to check things out - well, proceed with caution.  and plan to eat elsewhere.  heh.
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