Friday, December 19, 2014

rose-y float-y fun

right after the parade, the bean and i sped home to change and head off to our next activity for the day.  lilcee had invited us to join her, mini cee and mr. lilcee to a fun family day at fiesta floats, where some of the rose parade floats are constructed.  the bean and i were there last year for a similar event, and once before that during my junior league days, so i was familiar with the whole setup.  the only difference was that this time, we were parked a good distance away and then shuttled over to the party.

after a minor snafu that involved me dropping the bean off with lilcee and heading back home to bring something to the hub, i returned to find much larger crowds and activities in full swing.

as i strolled around looking for my people, i grabbed a snack for my growling tummy.

just as before, there were lots of floats (and pieces of them) under construction to look at.

i found them outside in the main tent finishing up lunch.  because they're always so thoughtful, they'd snagged some for me too.  inside this bag was a ham sandwich, condiments and a bag of chips.

as i munched, an announcer appeared onstage to welcome everyone and invited the kids to come up and grab a hula hoop to show off their moves.  there were a ton of kids there, so it took awhile for the girls to get their turn.

then they decided to do a quick karaoke performance.  the tune?  "let it go," of course.  this brought all the kids up to belt it out...and one very enthusiastic lady.  she sang with gusto, flailing arms wildly, almost smacking the bean once or twice.  you can see how thrilled she was about that.

when the song mercifully came to an end, the kids were encouraged to grab their parents and bring them up to play a game.  the girls were relentless and wouldn't take no for an answer, so lilcee and i found ourselves onstage playing a game of "simon says."  because she's smart, lilcee was eliminated quickly and got her ass off the stage ASAP.  and because i'm stupidly competitive, i played the game like i wanted to win it.

i didn't, but i think i came in 3rd.  heh.

the second group of parents ended up with a round of musical chairs - one of my most hated games.  it's seriously the worst game ever.  and then they opened it up to the kids, which was even more chaotic.  there were so many kids clamoring to play, they must have spent about an hour trying to get through enough rounds for all of them to have a turn.  the bean, not being an aggressive sort, stood near the edge of the crowds, patiently waiting for an opening.

she never did get a turn to play, though she was content with sitting on the stage watching the other kids.  lilcee had mentioned that the rose queen and princesses were doing a meet & greet, smiling and taking photos with anyone who wanted them. know how much i love photo ops.  and so while the bean continued to cheer on the musical chairs contestants, i snuck away to meet the queen and her court.  i totally look like i belong, right?  heh.  next time, i'll know the right way to pose so that i fit in.  muahahahahaha.

also, i learned that you can tell which one is the queen by who's wearing the rose pin on their lapel.  if you look closely, her rosy highness is on my right.

here's the royal float, currently under construction.

lilcee & co. had to leave after that to get mini cee to a dress rehearsal for her dance recital, but the bean and i decided to hang around a little longer.  she wanted to go back inside and play on the gymnastics equipment that was set up for the kids.

it didn't take long for her to tire of that, and since the event was almost over anyway we headed outta there too.  of course, not before we snapped a couple of selfies.

i mean...there's always time for a selfie, amirite??

Thursday, December 18, 2014

lots of christmas cheer

last year, the bean got to participate in the glendora christmas parade with the rest of her cheer squad. looking back at the blog, i didn't realize that i hadn't posted about it - but as i peruse through the photos i'd taken, i figured out why:  my pictures sucked.  haha!  oh, well.

this time around, she actually had a second group to choose from - her daisy troop had decided to join in with the rest of the glendora girl scouts.  of course, when i asked her which one she wanted to parade with, the first thing she asked was "will i get to ride in something with the girl scouts like i did with the cheerleaders?"  lazy ass.  hmph.  since the girl scouts were walking the route, she went for the easy option.  this kid, man.  she looked pretty happy sitting in that truck, though, huh?

the hub and i decided to head towards the end of the route to make pick-up easy.  it took us a little while to find a spot, but that meant we didn't have to wait to see the parade once we got there.  yay!

one of the first groups to come through was a very energetic bunch of jazzercizers.  they shimmied and shook their way down the street, all the way to the very end.

we were also treated to some live music by this passel of princesses.

he was just a little green ball of clay...

it ain't a parade without a band.

i cheered and waved as my sweet daisy troop scampered by.

and towards the end, the bean and her squad finally appeared.

she'd had such a great time that she didn't want to leave, but the party was over.  sorry, kid.

and while we're on the subject of cheer, here's a few of her official portraits for this year.

her cheer coach has already hit me up to have her join the elementary competition squad next year.  and the bean has been super stoked about cheer since she got tapped to be a flyer a few weeks ago.  not to mention, next year's squad will be rocking brand new i mean, hey.  why not let her have a shot at showing off those gymnastics skillz she's been working on for over four years?

it's gonna be awesome.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

throw yo hands in the a-ir like you's a true play-er

after missing our beloved SFAM holiday hoorah last year because we simply couldn't get our shit together, we managed to find a date when a good number of us were available for breakfast on a sunday morning.  i think we were all relieved when we all arrived and were happily chatting at the table - this is one tradition that i just don't want to see end.  after a bit of back-and-forth to find a venue, i made the executive decision to bring everyone to a familiar spot:  mike & anne's in south pasadena.

i had to bring a little friend along, because holiday hoorah is where his story began.

heh.  much like the annual bridal twirl, he's also become a tradition that started from pure silliness.  gotta love it.

because we couldn't decide on one thing for breakfast, four of us decided to place our orders and then share our plates, family-style.  i mean, how do you choose between challah bread french toast:

lemon ricotta pancakes:

housemade corned beef hash & eggs:

and red flannel hash, made with red and sweet potatoes, beets, onion, and bacon:

everything was delicious as always. mike & anne's never disappoints.

part of the holiday hoorah tradition includes a gift exchange, but because we'd thrown this gathering together so last-minute, it was optional.  some of us have more time than others to squeeze in a trip to pick up something awesome.

nanette went first, opening a fabulous pocky grab bag that i was drawn immediately to.

winnie opened a nice gift set by philosophy, also an awesome pick.

karen scored a fantastic movie night set, complete with bottled mexican coke and popcorn:

i swiped nanette's pocky.

so she ended up picking another gift from the pile, which happened to be the one i'd brought.

that right there is the best set of cookie cutters ever.  i'd used mine to make some party favors that i distributed just before we started opening gifts.

(photo courtesy of tater)

i forget now what happened next, but there was a bunch of swiping and stealing and general merriment that resulted in winnie getting to open another great package - a gift certificate to my beloved dots cupcakes.

nanette managed to get her pocky back from me, which meant she got to keep it and i picked the last unopened gift.  it turned out to be this:

and it's perfect, because brother wan is a huge elvis fan and although i'd love to keep it, i think he'd appreciate it more than i will.  haha!

before we finally left, we got the server to take a group pic for us.  the angle was really funky, so it looks like nanette is literally coming out of the light.

on the way back to lilcee's house (because we always carpool whenever possible), she drove me by the house where "mr. & mrs. smith" was filmed.  and so not only have brad and angie been here, but now so has black santa.

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