Wednesday, September 19, 2018

science camp time!

so i'll have birthday recaps later, but first...

the bean is off to science camp!  we dropped off her luggage and sleeping bag yesterday at school (which sounds funny until you realize how much easier it is to have it all done before the day of), and then we were all up at 5 this morning getting ready to drop her off to board the bus.  they were instructed to be at school no later than 6am for a 6:15 departure time, and when we pulled it up it was still dark outside.

she's been super excited and antsy for this trip, and the teachers have both said that this is their most favorite school trip of all time.  they're going to have so much fun, snorkeling and playing games and learning about oceanography and all sorts of fun stuff.

we found one of her BFFs as soon as we got out of the car.

inside, the class all gathered around to chatter and giggle and start making plans for who got to sit with who on the bus.  lots of photos were taken.

the required photo with her best guy friend:

and when the third musketeer walked in, i made sure to get a shot of them together.

the hub was there too, mingling with the other parents and holding the door open as the kids started filing out with luggage in hand to load onto the bus.  and of course, the old lady was there to see her sister off too.

we were chatting with other parents as the kids started lining up for the bus, and when i spotted the bean next in line to get on board i scampered over for one last hug.  i said "hey, have so much fun!" with arms wide open and she looked over at me with a big grin and said "BYE MOM!" and waved without hugging me back.  YARG.  haha!

the bus takes them down to the port, where they board the boat that'll take them to the island the long way...we're talking a 2-hour ride vs. the express ferry that most of us take when going there for vacation, which only takes 45 minutes.  heh.  the dramamine is at the ready and i put the sea bands on her wrists too, even though i'm fairly certain she's not prone to seasickness.  but hey...better safe than sorry, right?

and now the hub and i are off on our day date to the happiest place on i didn't get to be at disneyland ON my birthday this year, but that's okay.  this way we can just relax and enjoy the day without having to rush back for school pickup.

see?  everybody wins!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

this is 47

it's birthday princess day!

this week is such a crazy whirlwind, with the bean heading off to science camp early tomorrow morning.  we've been packing and preparing and trying to make sure she has everything she needs, and along with planning her party i've kind of pushed my birthday off to the side.  which is totally fine since i'm so damn old anyway.  heh.

wait, no.  who am i kidding?  i LOVE my birthday!  and after we see her off to camp tomorrow morning, the hub and i are going to head down to a long-awaited day date at disneyland, just the two of us.  we're going to enjoy the parks, have a nice lunch at carthay circle (complete with adult beverages!), and just enjoy the happiest place on earth at a leisurely pace.

and i kicked off today with a 6am barre class.

yeah, this is 47.  so far, so good.

Friday, September 14, 2018

that's my dawg

this little lady is 14 years old today!

i'm super grateful for this day, because the vet told us almost 9 months ago that she probably only had a few months left in her.  i really just wanted her to make it to her next birthday, but now that she has and is still as crazy and silly and feisty as ever, i'm hopeful that we'll get one more christmas with her, too.  she's the first pet i've ever had from puppy to old lady, and so all of this is totally new to me.  i adore her and can't imagine the house without her scampering around from one end to the other, hearing her nails clicking on the floor as she runs around, laughing as she jumps up onto the couch to bark at random people walking by, coming up to us when we get home with tail wagging and waiting to be given some love.  we've given her lots and lots of extra love these last nine months, and i think maybe that's even helped keep her going.  she feels our love and gives it right back.

i'm going to see if i can find a treat that she can have tonight to celebrate her birthday, and give her lots and lots of cuddles.  i love this dog so much.

here's a bunch of fun pictures we've taken over the last year.  happy birthday, little mollydog!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

it's time for party planning again!

with the old lady and her special friend still in hawaii celebrating their 4th anniversary (and their first vacation together in a couple of years), there hasn't been a ton to report on from around here.  the bean is plugging away at school and cheer and music and everything else, and had her first meeting with her new girl scout troop this week.  molly dog is still hanging in there, still getting her doggy dialysis every other day and feisty and funny in spurts.  i remember when we first got her diagnosis (in january!  how has it already been so long?), all i could think of was "please let her make it to at least one more birthday."  and with that day coming tomorrow, i just keep praying that she stays with us for one more christmas.  honestly, from looking at her and watching her scamper around you would just never know that anything was wrong.

it's funny, we always joke that we have three birthdays in september:  molly on the 14th, nick jonas on the 16th and me on the 18th.  ha!  such nerds.  and then two weeks later, the bean celebrates her birthday too.  i, of course, still adore my own birthday and still love to celebrate it as much as i can get away with, but i find myself focusing more on figuring out what kind of party the bean will have.  i was really hoping we could maybe talk her into doing something low-key this year, since she's getting older and the ideas for parties that are somewhat unique are getting harder and harder to find.  but when i brought up to her that that's what a couple of her friends were likely going to do this year, i got a startled look and a "oh no, i'm going to have a birthday party EVERY YEAR FOREVER."

oy vey.

so i tried to talk her into doing a party at a local tea parlor that i know she likes.  and while i got really close to getting the green light from her on it, two things came to mind:  1.  one of her besties was already eyeing that for her own celebration (a week later), and 2.  she wanted to be able to invite boys.  now, of course, she could definitely invite them, no problem.  but knowing these boys, there's no way they would actually attend.  heh.  we've done some brainstorming over the last few days though, and i think we've come up with some pretty great ideas that are going to be really fun.  stay tuned.

in the meantime, i've been cranking out more fun stuff on the ol' embroidery machine that's gotten so much love in the last month it probably doesn't know what to do with itself.  i'm having so much fun with it though, and i'm starting to stockpile some items in anticipation of hopefully buying a vendor table at a school event in december.  we'll see.

this i made for my lash lady, who loved it so much she's going to sell some in the shop:

i tried my hand at making an essential oil rollerball holder, and maybe i can add these to the list for my vendor table:

i think the text is kind of stupid and cheesy though, so if i do those i'll likely just leave it off and let the pretty vinyl sell itself.

this is super fun too:

and because the cheer backpacks this year don't have names embroidered on them, i started making these little tags.  this one is for the bean's longtime friend:

it hangs nicely off of one of the zipper pulls, and it'll make identifying everyone's bags easier during competitions and stuff.

this one was my first fail.  and it turns out that i was using a needle that was way too big for a project using this many layers and stitches.  i was so mad when i finished it and went to turn it right side out and felt it tearing apart...

bummer, too, because how cute is that??  it's okay.  i bought new needles and i'll give it another try and hopefully i'll be successful the next time.

there are lots more designs i want to try out, too.  good thing i just stocked up on vinyl in all sorts of fun colors.  birthday and halloween and thanksgiving and christmas...the holidays are gonna be all embroidered up this year!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

just be kind

i didn't know anyone who lost their lives on that awful day in 2001.  but i remember watching the news in horror along with the rest of the world, horrified for everyone who was there, terrified for what could happen next, mourning for the 2,996 people whose lives were cut short by that act of terrorism.

i remember wanting nothing more than to hug my kid, who was with her dad that week.  i went to work and hunkered down with my co-workers, and we sat and cried and prayed and waited for updates.

more than anything, though, what i remember most about 9/11/01 is what came in the days that followed.  the country seemed to be more united than i'd ever seen before, coming together with love and support regardless of race, gender, political and religious beliefs, doing all they could to help those who were touched in any way by the tragedy that had unfolded during that day.

i hope that we never experience anything like that again, but i can't help but wish that we could get back to that place of unity and support.  our country is so divided over so many issues, and in the end i just hope that we can get back to remembering that we are a nation of good, kind, thoughtful citizens who just want to live in peace.

let's do what we can to come together now, as we did 17 years ago.  let's do our best to be kind to one another and look for the positive as much as we can.  not just today, but every day.

Monday, September 10, 2018

getting our money's worth on those season passes

as crazy as it sounds, the bean and i have managed to squeeze in two more trips to the fair in just the last week.  i guess buying those season passes months ahead of time really paid off for us this year, huh?  so first, we headed down with the old lady one evening after school and realized how much nicer it is to go during the week.  it wasn't exactly empty, but it was definitely a lot less crowded than the first two times we'd gone.

since we had some extra ride and game tickets left over from our last visit, we decided to let the bean do whatever she wanted for the couple of hours we had to spend there on a school night.  of course, she wanted to play games.

she managed to win enough prizes for each of us to pose with.

back at chicken charlie's, the old lady finally got to order her chicken ramen burrito.  she was pretty excited to bite in and find that it was sprinkled with crushed funyuns...which is always a good time.

the bean opted for the maui shrimp bowl:

and i, of course, had the unhealthiest meal of the bunch with my bacon-wrapped shrimp on a stick.  go big or go home, amirite?

i'd remembered to pack some quarters this time around, and so even though we weren't particularly tired we all took a turn on those footsie wootsie machines...because as silly as it seems, that thing is quite effective and really makes your feet feel great afterwards.

after grabbing another sleeve of those fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, we went and said hello to the clydesdales, who were enjoying their evening meal and didn't pay us any attention.

and then yesterday, we made our way back to the fairplex - this time with one of the bean's oldest buddies, his sweet little sister and their mom, who i adore.  they had a blast going into all of those silly carnival fun houses, and then the bean talked them into doing this huge super slide with her:

and i finally got my full serving of those caramel crack fries.  they were just as good as i remembered.  such a weird combo, and yet they really do live up to their name.

as we walked around, watching the kids have a ball going into fun house after fun house, we stumbled upon a whole section of inflatables.  these, of course, required a whole separate set of tickets...which we happily paid so that we could watch them do fun stuff like this:

and then they climbed into these giant puffy balls and ran around like hamsters on a wheel, bumping into each other and falling all over themselves, getting sweaty and giggling and having a wonderful time.  and it happened to be in a fairly quiet area of the fair, where there weren't a ton of people and they had the thing to themselves.  the attendant was a nice chatty older gentleman who let them play as long as they wanted to, and until other kids finally showed up with tickets in hand.

when they finally emerged from those giant bouncy balls, they were happy to replenish some energy with some of those freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that just so happened to be right next to us.  how convenient!

the bean found this abandoned fan on a nearby table and handed it to me.  as shitty as it is, i do love me some stella rosa "wine."  heh.

they went through one last fun house twice:

and then just as we had them talked into leaving because it was already past bedtime on a school night, they begged to go on the log ride before going back to the car.  i's awfully hard to say no to three kids who are all giving you puppy dog eyes.  especially when they're all really good kids anyway.  heh.

we still have some tickets left over, and with at least a couple more weeks of the fair left to go...well, we're already making plans to go together again.  at least one more time.  because why not?  after all, there's still plenty of fair food left to try.  oh yes.
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