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Friday, September 21, 2018

it was quite a happy birthday indeed

birthday week has been a whirlwind of crazy fun, as always.  i love birthday week so much.

my actual birthday was actually really quiet considering that it was a tuesday, so the hub and the old lady were at work all day while the bean was at school, leaving me to enjoy most of the day at home doing whatever the hell i wanted.  heh.  i kicked it off with an 6am barre class, wearing one of my favorite shirts:

and then when i got in the car after getting my ass kicked in class, i found this in my starbucks app:

and when i got home with my treat i put my special birthday ears on and snuggled mollydog.  i have problems, i know.

so because i didn't have time to do it earlier, i spent most of my birthday doing what i love most...sitting at my sewing machine making myself a dress to wear to dinner.  i managed to finish it just before everyone got home, and we all got ourselves ready and in the car to head out to burbank for dinner.  i'd chosen the tam o'shanter because prime rib sounded delicious, and it had to be early enough to get the bean home at a decent time since we had to have her at school by 6am the next morning for science camp.  this meant we had an earlybird dinner reservation...just like any self-respecting old lady would.

i'd requested to be seated at walt disney's table, but because we had one too many people in our party we had to settle for sitting next to it.  the bean was quite enchanted when we explained the significance of table 31 to her, and our server told us we were welcome to sit there and take pictures and examine the table as long as someone else wasn't being seated there.

then it was time to sit down and get down to the business of checking out the menu and making some choices.

when the old lady and i both opted for a pimm's cup, our server told us that there was a special jumbo sized version that we could order instead.  it was meant to serve 4 to 6 people, but the hub and her special friend both insisted that we'd have no problems polishing it off, and so we went for it.  it wasn't until the hub did a little reading in the extensive cocktail menu and realized that it was literally a full gallon, with a $50 price tag to go with it.  LOL forever.

it came with a ladle for serving, like a punch bowl.  cheers!

we settled on some shrimp cocktail and deviled eggs for our appetizers:

and then the main course arrived.  mmmm, prime rib with creamed corn and spinach, plus yorkshire pudding and mashed potatoes.  i'd skipped lunch, so i was extra hungry.

presents included the leopard tieks i'd been hoping for, along with several new pairs of lululemon workout pants that i'm excited to wear and a special edition shirt from the old lady and her special friend that they'd gotten at the lululemon in hawaii.

i'm not quite sure why i was making this face, because lord knows i was more than stoked to be opening presents.

along with the chocolate souffle and c.c. brown's hot fudge sundae we'd ordered for dessert, i was serenaded with this cute little cup o'english trifle.

if you're wondering how we did with that gallon o'pimms cup, here's all that was left by the time we got up and left the table.


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