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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

just be kind

i didn't know anyone who lost their lives on that awful day in 2001.  but i remember watching the news in horror along with the rest of the world, horrified for everyone who was there, terrified for what could happen next, mourning for the 2,996 people whose lives were cut short by that act of terrorism.

i remember wanting nothing more than to hug my kid, who was with her dad that week.  i went to work and hunkered down with my co-workers, and we sat and cried and prayed and waited for updates.

more than anything, though, what i remember most about 9/11/01 is what came in the days that followed.  the country seemed to be more united than i'd ever seen before, coming together with love and support regardless of race, gender, political and religious beliefs, doing all they could to help those who were touched in any way by the tragedy that had unfolded during that day.

i hope that we never experience anything like that again, but i can't help but wish that we could get back to that place of unity and support.  our country is so divided over so many issues, and in the end i just hope that we can get back to remembering that we are a nation of good, kind, thoughtful citizens who just want to live in peace.

let's do what we can to come together now, as we did 17 years ago.  let's do our best to be kind to one another and look for the positive as much as we can.  not just today, but every day.

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