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Thursday, September 27, 2018

still crazy after all these years

eighteen years ago tonight, i went on my first official date with the hub, who presented me with a single rose when he came to pick me up.  and it just got better from there.  who knew the cheesecake factory's chicken marsala was so magical?

i know it's probably really silly that we still acknowledge our dateaversary so many years later, after almost thirteen years of marriage, countless moves, a new human, and lots and lots of love and laughter.  i know.  but if you didn't already know what a huge sap i am, you do now!

happy dateaversary to my love, the best man i've ever known and the only one i want to keep on getting older and older with.  and yeah, i'll just keep on getting older since he'll never catch up to me, but that's okay.  i know he'll always be there to (point and laugh, snicker and snort, hug and love) catch me if i fall.

(also, the bean made so much fun of me because i confessed to her yesterday that i always, always get the date mixed up between yesterday and today.  oops)

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