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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

photo ops and projects galore

we hit up the very last night market for 2018 this weekend, and this time we had the hub with us.  although i didn't take a lot of pictures because let's face it...we've been to the night market a ton of times.  heh.

but this time mcdonald's was there with a big ol' section of fun stuff.  you know i can't ever pass up a good photo op:

the old lady and i liked this one...because there are definitely days when we could use a giant cup of coffee.

the bean loved the huge box of fries:

...until she realized that she'd have to share it with her mom.

in the booth, you could grab a reusable bag and fill it with all sorts of fun stuff, like happy meal toys and playing cards and collectible pins.

and the only new thing that any of us tried that evening was this crazy ice cream cone that was touted as "the second best thing you'll ever eat."  i guess they leave it open for you to decide what the first is.  anyway, it's honey ice cream in this curved churro-looking thing that the old lady said tasted just like a regular cake cone.

in other news, both the bean and i have been sewing up a storm.  here's her latest felt creation:

and i'm going to just go ahead and say it:  she's kind of a badass, because unlike me who needs step-by-step directions for everything i sew, she totally wings it.  she sits down and sketches out her ideas, thinks it all through and creates her little stuffies all on her own.  she's working on a couple of other pieces right now too that look like they're going to be pretty awesome, and i love how proud she is of her creations - as she should be.

as for me, i worked on a couple of things for the old lady's upcoming hawaiian vacation with her special friend:

i threw in a couple of things for myself too, like this fun disneyland raglan tee that's made of super soft bamboo lycra.

and because i'm 6 and can't ever wear skirts without shorts underneath, i finally sat down and made a few pairs of new ones because my other ones are starting to get pretty worn out.

i've been hoarding this fabric for about three years, so i was happy to finally bust out a quick t-shirt dress with it.

and of course, the embroidery machine has been humming with projects as well.  like this cute set of coffee snap tab key fobs:

and a mickey pretzel key fob.  i think next time i'll choose darker thread so you can see the details a little better.

good times over here, people.  good times.

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