Friday, February 22, 2019

one more day

so, yeah.  our vet is coming to the house tomorrow to help us say goodbye to our molly.

it's been over a year since she was first diagnosed with that kidney failure, which means it's been more than a year of taking her in every other day for her doggy dialysis.  that, along with the meds she was taking orally twice a day plus all the extra love and attention we were lavishing on her seemed to keep her going.  most days it was hard to believe that her little body was giving up, as she'd attack her food bowl and jump up and run around in circles or hop to attention and snarl at stevie when he'd come to visit.

but when we got home after a visit with the hub's brother (more on that later), we noticed a very obvious and visible decline.  not to mention, she'd lost most of her interest in eating over the previous week or so.  she's lost so much weight that she's literally half the dog she used to be, and it seemed like she just wasn't happy anymore.  she wasn't finding joy in anything, and instead of living she's merely existing.  that's no way to live.  and it seems even more awful to keep her alive and watch her continue to decline.  the hub, the girls and i talked it through and came to the decision as a family that it's time to let her go.  there've been lots of tears and sobbing in the house over the last few days, as you can imagine.

although this made us laugh - she got up yesterday to take her twice-daily walk around the house, wobbling unsteadily on her poor little legs, and right as i went to snap a picture of her she did this:

poor thing.  she's so out of it that she literally just lets it fly wherever she happens to be at the moment.  we've had to be on land mine watch anytime we walk around the house, especially if we've left for any amount of time, because puddles and little tiny specks of poop could be anywhere.

we love her so much, and we have one precious day left to share with her.  she gives us this funny little smile when she looks at us, and it's as if she knows what's going to happen soon.

please think of sweet little molly tomorrow around 4:30.  that's when we'll be saying our final goodbyes and letting her go to find her joy across that rainbow bridge.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

the end is near

my heart is heavy.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

everything is awesome

you know what a sucker i am for a fun freebie, right?  so when i heard that there was going to be a fun FREE lego movie 2-themed popup in hollywood, i jumped right onto my phone to score some tickets.  it was only going to be there for a few days and i knew it would "sell out" in a hot minute.  i was able to score some for the very last day of the popup, which happened to be a sunday and one of the old lady's days off.

it happened to be one of those days that was raining cats and dogs, but that didn't stop us from heading out for what i really hoped would be a fun activity.  i mean, how much would that suck if we'd trekked out to the west side in the rain for something that ended up being super lame?  but it looked super cute as we made our way towards the entrance, and there was a super duper long standby line, so i was feeling pretty hopeful as we checked in.  the employees outside were pretty grumpy, but i guess i wouldn't be thrilled to be working in the pouring rain either.

luckily, once we got inside it was dry and warm and the staffers were cheerful and friendly.  i guess it would have helped if we'd seen the movie before we came, because none of the stuff in the first room made much sense to us.  we took pictures anyway though, because why wouldn't we?

then we got to go inside emmett's house, where we finally saw some familiar sights and took pictures on his couch.

the next room also didn't make much sense to us, but we went in and played anyway.

there was a dance party game happening in the center of the room, which appealed to none of us.  heh.

but something else in a far corner looked more fun, and it reminded me of one of the exhibits we'd seen at the broad museum.  an attendant handed us a sheet of stickers, asked us not to stand on any of the furniture, and turned us loose in the room.  being the last day, there wasn't much empty space for our stickers, but we had fun with it anyway.

we waited in line for the confetti room, where we took a 3-second video that was supposed to get emailed to us but the machine broke down and we got no video to show off.  oh well.  we did take advantage of the other photo ops, though:

 and then waited our turn to make a bumper sticker with our family turned into lego people on it.

the standby line was even longer when we left even though it was raining even harder than when we'd gotten there.  but it WAS the final day of the popup, so it made sense.  

we still need to go see the movie.  hopefully we'll make it into the theater before it's released on DVD.  besides, i could use some good buttery movie popcorn.  maybe this week.

Friday, February 15, 2019

we love love day

valentine's day was quite the whirlwind of activity.  after making sure i had everything for the class party all packed and ready to go, i took mollydog for her doggy dialysis, dropped her off back at home, headed back out in the pouring rain to pick up some last minute valentine's gifts and then went out for a quick lunch with the hub.  from there he helped me grab 5 dozen donuts from krispy kreme and 4 whole pizzas at costco, and then i took everything to school.

our teachers had secured the presentation room for our party, and i had the perfect amount of time to get the tablecovers on, put the bookmarks at each seat, and set out the pizza and paper goods.  ready to party:

we had just under an hour for the kids to enjoy some pizza (which was great timing because lunchtime is at 11:15, and they were good and hungry by 2:00), pass out their valentines and play a game using these items:

yup, you guessed it - the old donut on a string game.  it was pretty comical.

as soon as the final bell rang, i grabbed the bean and we ran out of there to drive out to arcadia for her ortho appointment.

i was dreading the traffic for the way home, but the rain finally stopped and the sun came out, which seemed to make everyone happy and we were home in less than half the time i'd anticipated.  sweet!  this gave us time to run to the hallmark store for some cards and then go home and relax for a bit.

funny, i was so busy all day that this was the only picture i actually took with anyone:

the hub came home with flowers for all.

he fired up the barbecue to get those gigantic tomahawk ribeye steaks on the grill, and we finished them off in the oven along with some roasted asparagus.

bummer for me, though - that 500-degree oven ended up melting my lashes, which sucks.  i guess you can't tell from a distance, but they're all clumpy and hard to comb out.  first world problem, i know, but gah - my next fill isn't till mid next week.  waaah.

the bean received some fun little gifts from us:

as did her sister.  this is a super fun eyeshadow palette that i've been eyeing for ages, and i knew she'd love it.

ah, yes. another love day in the books. next up, corned beef brisket and cabbage for st. paddy's day!
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