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Thursday, February 14, 2019

celebrating love all month long

whew...it's been a busy week getting ready for valentine's day!  i know most people think it's lame and a total commercialized/hallmark holiday, but i love it.

i took a tip from a couple of facebook posts and decided to leave little daily love notes, starting on february 1st with the last one going up today.  i used my trusty silhouette to cut out hearts from red cardstock and used a silver sharpie to write down something i love about each member of my family, putting it up on their door every day.  corny as hell, but they all seemed to enjoy reading them.

i had a couple of friends ask for cookies, so i squeezed those in too.

for the bean's teachers, i decided to make these cute little key fobs and attach them to starbucks gift cards.

at school, we're going to split the kids up into teams of six, tie donuts up and do a donut eating race.  it's going to be hilarious, and i can't wait to see how it goes.  these are the prizes for the winner of each round:

and because i really am a glutton for punishment, i sat down and stitched and cut out 36 bookmarks to hand out to the class.  i think they're really cute, but i hope they don't think they're super lame.  5th graders, you know.  too cool for school.

and tonight, we're going to feast on these bad boys i picked up at costco.  nothing says love more than a couple of giant tomahawk ribeye steaks, amirite??

happy valentine's day, everybody!

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