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Friday, February 1, 2019

checking out OG vegas

sunday morning was checkout day at the orleans.  we got up and packed our stuff into the car and headed outta there in search of breakfast.  the hub had found something that sounded pretty good...a hole-in-the-wall type place way off the strip that's been open for 40 years.  and with a name like "omelet house," definitely keto-friendly.

it must be good...presidents have dined here, along with lots of other celebrities as evidenced by the signed photos on the walls.

the whole place reminded MIL of her own ILs' old cabin up in big bear.  warm and cozy and full of knickknacks in every corner.  it was very cute, and the menu offered up lots of tasty sounding grub.

the bean and i both caught something interesting...do you see it?

this is the "huge iced mocha."  and it was delicious.

the bean was still nursing her fat lip, which seemed to swell up even more overnight.  poor baby.

this plate of pancakes with chocolate chip filling seemed to make her happy, though.

the freshly baked banana bread was pretty good too.

omelets aren't very pretty, but they sure are tasty...and served with housemate potato chips.

with a little time to kill before dropping MIL off at the airport for her flight home, we decided to do a little driving through downtown las vegas.

the area is in desperate need of renovation, although it does seem like they're doing their best to make the best of what they've got right now.  and it almost seems a shame to bulldoze these old motels - it would be cool to see someone come along and buy them all and fix them up, restoring them to their former glory.

there are lots of little artistic touches though, with doors and windows painted on the old buildings and quirky little things sprinkled throughout the abandoned properties.

and when you look up, you see these guys on a lot of the signs and light poles.

i remember when the streets were lined with tons of these little wedding chapels.  and now only a handful are left standing.

a few familiar sights as we made our way back towards the airport:

and then it was time to say our farewell to MIL.  we dropped her off at the southwest terminal, giving her lots of hugs and waving goodbye as she disappeared into the building.  it had been really nice having her there with us, and she seemed to really enjoy watching the competition.

i think everyone looks at or takes a picture of this sign on the long road to/from vegas.

and we did stop at eddie world for snacks and drinks.  nothing new to show you from the last time we were there, but it was doing pretty brisk business on that sunday afternoon.  and soon enough, we were back home.

till next time, vegas!  we'll see you again in a few weeks...at least, the hub and i will.  whee!


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