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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

bring on the meat

the hub has never been a huge fan of places where you cook your own food.  he's always been of the mindset of "why would i come in and pay to do all the work myself when i could just do that at home?"  and i guess when you put it that way, it makes sense.  but still...most of the time, places like that are fun - like shabu shabu, or when the melting pot was a thing, or korean bbq.

lately though, especially since starting this diet, he's come around and been more open to those places.  it helps that most of them offer lots of really keto friendly menu items.  and when he repaid a friend for a favor recently by taking him to dinner at his choice of restaurants, he found himself in koreatown at a place that somehow managed to make all his dreams come true...korean bbq where the servers cook the food for you.  score!  he liked it so much, he decided to take us all out last friday night to share the love.

we somehow managed to arrive at just the right time...there was no wait, and we were seated right away.

the hub knew just what to order - combo D, whatever that was.  the rest of us just settled in and enjoyed the ride.  the salad was simple and tasty.

i tried the macaroni salad, although i didn't really love it.

the hub loved this sauce and happily dipped everything into it, although i couldn't get past the smell.  and the look of it.  heh.

the bean is the only tofu lover in the group, but she passed on this in favor of all the meat coming off the grill.

mmmm...ribeye.  so good.

there was lots of other stuff, including kimchee soup and pork belly cooked till it was crispy (so yum) and a few other things that we all grubbed on happily.  i didn't even stop to take pictures of most of it because i was so busy shoveling it into my belly.  and then the hub ordered something that blew the girls' minds...kimchee fried rice that was topped with a very generous handful of shredded cheese.  it was SO GOOD.

everything was super delicious, and as we sat there enjoying it all the place filled up to capacity, with a waiting list and lots of folks outside patiently waiting for their turn to come inside.  we skedaddled outta there as soon as we'd finished everything on the table and headed home to plop down onto the couch and fall asleep in front of the tv.

i can't wait to see what other culinary adventures await us in 2019!

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