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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

yay for soufflé! sort of.

the hub loves to share instagram posts with us of new local hotspots to try fun stuff.  of course, his keto diet keeps him from actually getting to eat a lot of it, but he usually finds something else on their menu that works.  but when he showed us a picture of some fantastic-looking wiggly fluffy pancakes at a new place called soufflés l.a. in koreatown, he decided that it would just be too torturous for him and bowed out when we found the perfect day to drive out.

it was pouring down rain on sunday when we got in the car and headed out west.  the wet weather seemed to keep most of l.a. home, and we breezed right down the freeway without any of the usual westbound traffic.  when we arrived at the restaurant, there was a waiting list but only one other party waiting to be seated.  it was really small inside with no actual area to wait but outside, so we huddled together and chatted while we waited for a table.

luckily, it wasn't too long before we finally got to go inside.  we had a nice table right in the front, where we sat down to peruse the menu.

the bean, of course, picked out what she wanted right away and then moved into one of these fun hanging chairs behind us.

the other two opted to stay where they were but happily posed for me.

we'd had starbucks on our way there, so the old lady decided she didn't want anything sweet and instead ordered a croissant sandwich and some chamomile tea.  both of her items were served first.

the bean and i had both ordered the soufflé pancakes which did come with a disclaimer that they would take 20 minutes to make, so we were prepared to wait awhile.  i'd noticed that she was wearing both of her championship rings, so i made her do this:

the old lady's special friend had ordered eggs benedict, and we were surprised when our soufflé pancakes were served before his entree arrived.  this was the "plain" version that the bean ordered:

and i'd opted for the tiramisu version.

oh, so light and fluffy and wiggly and jiggly!

we'd also ordered sides of eggs and bacon to go with our sweet brunch treats, but they apparently got stuck somewhere with those eggs benedict and we never saw them.  the old lady ended up sharing her sandwich with her special friend and both declined when the bean and i offered to share our pancakes with them.  while we really did enjoy the food, the service was super slow and our server never once came to check on us, nor did we even receive the water we'd asked for with our orders.  granted, every table was taken and there seemed to be just two servers - but still, we were really disappointed with our experience.  and when we were able to flag him down to ask for our check, he brought us the wrong one twice before we were finally able to plunk down some cash and get out of there.  good thing i had some on me, because god knows how long it would have taken to process a card and get it back to me.

bummer.  but now i'm on the hunt for a recipe to make soufflé pancakes at home - although i don't know how successful i'll be at getting it just right.  i guess we'll see!

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