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Friday, February 8, 2019

bring on the cookies

it's been a really long time since i did a cookie round-up, although traditionally the beginning of a new year is a pretty slow time for me.  most people are all sweets-and-treats'd out from the holidays, which is totally understandable.  i've got a few on the calendar in the next few weeks though, so maybe things will start to pick up again.

these were for an instagram-themed birthday party, and were really fun to work on:

no explanation needed for these.

as much as i hate making multiple colors of frosting, i do love how these turned out.

i had so much fun making all of these different facial expressions, i was almost sad when i ran out of cookies to decorate.

again with the many colors...but totally worth it.

it kind of cracks me up (well, and freaks me out a little) that the 80s are totally vintage now.  the bean had no idea what the record and cassette tape were.  oy vey.

these were my first cookies of 2019, for a bollywood-themed party that looked beautiful from the pictures i saw on facebook.

for a local realtor, who also happens to be one of the bean's former cheer coaches:

and these are for her kindergarten teacher, who tells me they're for an adult party.  interesting.

the l.a. county fair revealed this week that the theme for 2019 will be "pop culture."  it sounds super fun, and now my head is swimming with ideas for what to make for this year's cookie competition entry...


  1. Pop Culture?! OMG you and your boy bands ... why not some caricature headshots of OG NSNYC?!?!?!

    1. But on a more serious note, how cute are these cookie collections?!



      Kool-aid man? OH YEAH!

    2. Ok, one last link, because this George Costanza cookie is just too funny not to share:



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