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Monday, December 11, 2023

we'll try again next year

with the old lady's crazy work schedule, it was a little challenging to pin down a date for our annual family photo shoot.  after several reschedules, we finally made it happen but had to settle for a location we've done before - the walt disney music hall in downtown l.a.  although the last time we were there, the old man wasn't officially part of the family yet and so it all worked out in the end.

of course after a week of lovely, cool temperatures we arrived at our designated meeting point in sweaters and flannels and it was...mid-80s.  thank goodness you can't see how sweaty i was in all of these pictures (although i'm not thrilled at the editing because we all look super pale in every photo).

and why, oh why do photographers always insist on doing the cheesiest poses?  the "look at each other and laugh" shots never turn out well.

also, this?  like, what are we even supposed to be looking at?

and this is SUPER cheesefest.

this is about when the hub gave up and we were just over it.

luckily, all we really need out of these shoots is one or two good shots - and we ended up with more than that.

and after a few drafts, everyone approved this for our 2023 christmas card.

merry christmas, everybody!

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