Friday, August 17, 2018

another day, another night market

so for the third installment of the 626 night market for this summer, we decided we wanted to try some stuff we hadn't had before.  although we've noticed that it seems like there are fewer and fewer vendors working this thing, because we remembered even more options to pick from in markets past. they're still really well attended, so maybe they need to do something to attract new booths.  what that would be, i don't know.  oh well.

our first stop was the little fluffy head cafe, which we first discovered at the omg dessert fest last month.  the cheese tea sounded really good, and the bean wanted to try something new.

the old lady went with the jasmine tea with the (cream) cheese latte foam on top, while the bean and i shared a "chocomisu" - a black milk tea with tiramisu flavored cream and cocoa powder.  so good.

plus, they were giving away a free tote with the purchase of two drinks, and you know i love me some freebies.  not to mention, we'd forgotten to bring a bag with us for any purchases we might pick up.

the old lady was super excited for these hot cheetos-topped tacos, and they didn't disappoint.

her special friend opted for an order of buffalo chicken-topped fries.

and the bean and i decided to try this himalayan salt block steak.  it was a little pricey, but it was super tender and flavorful and we enjoyed every bite.

unicorn buns!  basically just a rainbow-colored cha su bao, which is always good.

we never do the night market without sharing a mochi waffle.

and before we left, the bean finally got to try something she eyes every time we come here - the pudding truck.  you can create your own pudding sundae, or pick one of theirs.  she opted for the cookies & cream panda, made with vanilla pudding, chunks of oreos and whipped cream with a panda face.

there's one more night market left for this summer, and since we've attended all of the others you know we'll make sure to hit it up one last time.  i mean...why not, right?

Thursday, August 16, 2018

are you smarter than a 5th grader?

the bean is officially a 5th grader!  holy cow.  man, i remember the 5th was probably one of my most favorite school years.  i had a great teacher, all my friends were in my class, the boy i loved...well.  heh.

i, of course, made her take her traditional pose with the chalkboard.  the hub was standing at the front door making faces at her through the window, so she was distracted at first.

but we still got some good shots.

and then we took some more.

a little advice, courtesy of christopher robin.  my message board always has disney quotes on it, which will shock no one.

at school, she was excited to meet up with friends she didn't get to see a lot over summer break.

and then when the celebratory first day donuts came by she managed to snag one.

i'm sure you're dying to see the updated annual collage.  i really love doing these every year, because looking at the differences is always fun.

and this we took on the second day of school, because the one i got that first day ended up being a little blurry.  oh well.

gotta keep up those annual school traditions, you know.  and now we get back into the routine of homework and lunches and extracurriculars and car lines and all that jazz.  happy school year!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

sewing for summer

it's been awhile since i shared some of the stuff i've been sewing up, so that's what you're gonna get today.  i'm still plugging along on that "100 items in 2018" challenge, which means i'm stitching together at least 8 things every month.  and since i've built up quite a stash of fabric - the hub is agog at the number of storage bins i've filled with it - it's actually pretty easy for me to hit that goal (and then some).

making a good v-neck top is actually a little harder than it sounds.  i'd only ever done one, which turned out okay but was still a little wonky at the point.  it's wearable, especially since it's a solid black t-shirt, but i really wanted to conquer that damn v.  so i pulled out some of my favorite floral knit and used the green tee pattern from greenstyle creations to make this:

the picture is a little blurry, but i was super excited because it turned out really well, and now i'm a lot more confident about making more in the future.  plus, the instructions in the pattern for sewing that v made it a lot easier than the other method i tried before.

i know i shared this top that the bean wore to a recent trip to disneyland, but you have to see the back because the fabric is so awesome:

speaking of disneyland trips, check out the back of this super cute top i made using "small world"-themed fabric and greenstyle creations' xpress tank pattern:

i made one for the old lady too, although she hasn't worn this one yet:

although she did wear this non-disney one on another visit.

when we visited the "that's from disneyland" exhibit, the bean wore this sushi-themed top i made with the made for mermaids "nina" pattern, while i wore a fun dress i made using stormtroopers fabric and patterns for pirates' new "so classic sundress" pattern.

for mama wan's birthday brunch, i used the patterns for pirates' boundless, an oldie-but-goodie that never fails me.

and as a little gift, i made her an easy breezy summer kimono that she wore on her palm springs birthday weekend getaway.  doesn't she look cute?

this is the nina pattern again, but in dress length.  i've had more misses than hits with hi-lo skirt patterns for myself, but this one i love:

and last but not least, a super fun "sunny day" dress from ellie & mac patterns that used up some remnants from my scrap bin.

i have a ton of sweater knit fabrics sitting around too, and even though we're in 90-degree weather that's still going strong, i'm ready to start sewing up some stuff for fall.  there's a lot of fun patterns i want to tackle and i'm so over the heat...come on, fall!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

everything old is new again...sorta

i was super excited when i learned about an upcoming exhibit called "that's from disneyland."  the girls and i visited van eaton galleries last year to look at auction lots of disneyland memorabilia, and this time around it was a much bigger deal.  it's a private collector's stash of goodies that he's been collecting for 25 years, with all sorts of great stuff from attraction posters to ride vehicles used in the park.  i read somewhere that he's raising money for the hospital where one of his young kids is being treated for an illness, which is kind of cool.  he rented a now-vacant sporting goods store to display everything, turning it in somewhat of a museum for disney fans of all ages to come and check things out.  it's free to get in, and the auction will take place over the course of two days around the end of the month.

we decided to head out on sunday afternoon of the opening weekend, and since the news and social media had been abuzz with pictures and videos and hype we were prepared to stand in line and wait to get in.  we weren't wrong:

but at least we were in the shade, and to be honest the line really did move pretty quickly.  i don't think we waited even ten minutes before we made it inside.  there were a lot of people in there, and so much stuff to look at.  it was total sensory overload and i didn't even know where to start.  so i just followed the kids blindly and the first thing i focused on was this model of main street.

 there was a ton of great stuff mounted on all of the walls.  want one of the disneyland mailboxes?

old signage that remind you of the days when disneyland was a lot more affordable.

maps of the park from decades past.  these were really fun to look at and see how much things have changed...and also how much has stayed the same.

hand drawn concept art.

so much great vintage stuff to look at.

 this is one of the neon letters from the old disneyland hotel sign.

there were lots of informational signs placed everywhere to explain what things were.

 this was really cool - the "cinderella" display that used to be in one of the windows on main street.

and when you looked up, the signs from the old parking lot were placed up on the posts.  back in the days before california adventure and the mickey & friends parking structure was built, you'd park your car in the lot in front of the main gate and these character signs told you which lot you'd left your car in.

everything was really well organized, and separated into sections based on the different lands within the park.  frontierland featured one of the canoes from the rivers of america and signage from old attractions that have been replaced by other things.

the highlight of the adventureland area was this fully functional talking "jose" bird from the beloved enchanted tiki room, along with other fun stuff from days gone by.

fantasyland used to have the skyway, AKA the "sky buckets."  i remember riding this at least once or twice when i was little, before they removed it altogether and closed the hole in matterhorn mountain that it used to travel through.

another oldie but goodie was the peoplemover, a slow-moving ride that used to travel overhead throughout tomorrowland.  it was the best way to rest your feet while catching glimpses of space mountain, star tours, the monorail, and autopia.  disney world still has their version, and we always make it a point to ride it ever chance we get.  i would love to have this in the back yard, but the starting bid of $25K is a bit of a deterrent.  heh.

when they took the peoplemover out, they replaced it with a faster, more exciting version of the ride called "rocket rods."  i remember riding it a handful of times and really enjoying it, but it was forever breaking down with a really, really long line to wait in for it.  this is one of the cars from that short-lived attraction:

from the old "rocket jets" ride:

a "doom" buggy from the haunted mansion:

this is one of the old rockets from space mountain.

many a wild ride has been taken in this bright red car with mr. toad.

one of the flying elephants from the dumbo ride:

from snow white's scary adventures:

and a bobsled from the matterhorn.

and a sweet pirate ship from peter pan's flight.

the new orleans square section had a really cool photo op set up with the stretching portraits from the haunted mansion in the background, but the line was crazy long and we didn't really want to wait in it.

so we settled for looking at the other memorabilia instead.  there was some great stuff there.

want an ear worm?  guess what attraction these items are from:

i'm not gonna lie, i totally want that trash can.  i think bidding starts at $400, which would make the $200 for the rose gold simple human trash can i've been eyeing seem like chump change.  well, okay, not really, but you know what i mean.

we'd seen most of it by then and decided to head upstairs to see what was going on up there.  as we rode up the escalator we had a bird's eye view of the whole exhibit.

there was an arts and crafts section for the kids upstairs.  along one wall was something called "kraftland," where the kids were encouraged to choose a category and a land for a handmade amusement park and then create their best version of it using all sorts of art supplies like hot glue guns and paint pens and foam stickers and wood cutouts.

she decided to create a restaurant in the "water world" area.  she named it "moana's island bites" and then we worked together on assembling the best quick-service spot we could create using the supplies on hand.  i think we did a pretty darn good job.

check out how we made that piece of sea-colored foam stand up:

we were really proud of ourselves for that one.  it may not be pretty, but it sure did the job.  right?  right??

back downstairs, we stopped in the gift shop.  most of the items for sale were straight out of the van eaton galleries and stuff we'd seen before, along with t-shirts and tote bags adorned with the "that's from disneyland" logo.

and that was that.  there's a ton of other stuff i didn't take pictures of, like original attraction posters and animation cels and tons of little pieces from all around disneyland.  this man's collection is pretty gigantic, and i have no doubt that every last piece will get snapped up by disney fans far and wide.  knowing that proceeds are going to benefit a hospital that treats sick kids is a great incentive, too, and i'm kind of hoping i can talk the hub into letting me bid on something small.

i mean...birthday princess month is coming in a few weeks.  whee!!
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