Wednesday, December 12, 2018

family photo shoot time!

for this year's family photo shoot, i found a photographer through one of the local mom's facebook groups i'm in.  i'd seen posts of other family shoots she'd done and everyone raved about her, so when i saw her post availability for 30-minute mini shoots i decided to go for it.  not to mention, her rate was insanely low and she was shooting at a park using a cute little setup her husband built for her.  i showed the picture of the setup to the hub and the old lady, and after i got their stamps of approval i went ahead and booked it.

the hub requested that we dress up for our photos this time around, which we haven't done in a few years.  i'm always down for a good excuse to wear a fun dress and break out the shoes with the red bottoms.  but of course, on the day of the shoot i was battling a pretty hard core breakout right above my lip that i knew was going to require a little photoshop magic.  blech.

also, with our sweet mollydog on the decline, we decided to scoop her up and take her with us so we could get some nice pictures with her.  as much as it sucks, this is likely going to be our last christmas with her, and at least we'll have had some good family photos with her in them.

we managed to get through all of the shots we wanted to capture in about 20 minutes, and in even that short amount of time our photographer managed to snap off quite a few shots.  here's a handful of my favorites:

this should have been really cute, but instead it made the old lady look isolated from the rest of us. bummer.

the obligatory "look at each other and laugh" shot.

i couldn't believe that while the rest of us got to pose with molly individually, we didn't get a picture of the bean with her.  dang it.  although i gotta say...the hub's is my favorite.  hahahahahahaha.

speaking of the hub, he had a mini shoot of his very own not too long ago.  he desperately needed to update his professional headshots, and from the looks of these pictures he had a little fun in front of the camera:

he's such a goofball, and i wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

parading through the weekend

i think that the bean has taken part in the glendora christmas parade for like the last five years, whether it was riding on the truck with her school cheer squad, walking with our girl scout troop, singing in the school choir.  this year, she got to walk the route with her cheer team, dressed in full uniform and holding hands with one of the younger girls or doing stunts along the way.

we gathered together on glendora avenue early saturday morning, starting out all bundled up but finding that the bright sun warmed things up considerably despite the low (for so CA) temperatures.

she found a handful of her friends there too.

why does my baby look about sixteen years old here?  i didn't even put any makeup on her!

the helicopter came flying overhead, signaling the beginning of the parade.

they took a group photo, and then i made my way back to the car to find a parking spot at the end of the route.

i managed to find a parking spot at the top end of the street that the girls would meet at when the parade came to an end, and then i walked my happy ass down to watch as much of it as i could catch. a local car dealership came by, promoting their "perfect attendance" car giveaway.

the girl scouts walked past, and i spotted a couple of the bean's friends in the group.  she could have chosen to walk with them too, but i knew she would want to walk with cheer.

i was amused at the float driven by a local brewery:

and of course, the jazzercisers who danced their way through the whole thing.

i've never heard of the american heritage girls.  interesting.

when i saw this group i knew my kid was coming soon.  these guys had gathered in front of us and proceeded to smoke like chimneys despite the large numbers of children who were practically surrounding them.  it was gross and unnecessary, and stinky to boot.  yuck.


and once i picked her up it was a race to get home, have her eat something and still get to arcadia in time for her 11:30 orthodontist appointment.  it's time for phase II of her braces, and while i knew she wasn't excited for it i still managed to get her to smile for a "before" picture.

snazzy goggles, kid.

she chose, of course, to put red and green bands on for christmas.  and she looked instantly older again in my eyes when i looked at her with the braces on.

it's been about four days and i think she's finally gotten used to them again, and the discomfort has finally subsided.  yay for operation orthodontia!

Monday, December 10, 2018

worst weekend ever

i've been such a slacker over the last couple of weeks with the blog posts!  man...i've been so busy trying to get ready for that christmas boutique (which is over now, by the way, and i'll recap it a little later).  and last week - oh, last week was such a mess.

so the bean had her second cheer competition last weekend up in bakersfield, which is about 2.5 hours away from home.  she'd been feeling a little under the weather with a weird stomach bug earlier in the week that came out of nowhere and made her barf, which is unusual for her.  she's never been a barfy kid, and i can count on one hand the number of times she's thrown up in her whole life.  but by friday, she seemed to be back to normal and we hopped into the car after school and made our way up to the bakersfield marriott.

after we checked in, we decided to head out for some dinner and found this place via yelp:

and that's where things started to go south.  as we sat at our table, laughing and chatting away, i started feeling off.  exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks, and when the food came i just wasn't in the mood to eat any of it.  and as you know, that's very unlike me.

before we went back to the hotel, we made a stop at cvs to pick up some pepto for the bean, who was still feeling a little unsettled.  i was really feeling like crap by then and sat in the car while the two of them went inside and loaded up on meds and snacks and water.  and when they got back and we started to make our way out of the parking lot, i knew things were about to go down and i asked the hub to stop the car so i could get out.  i opened the door and sat there for about five seconds and then realized that it was i jumped out of the car and barfed all over the parking lot.  lovely.

i thought i was feeling better, and made it all the way back to the hotel where the hub dropped us off at the door before finding a parking spot.  the bean and i headed into the elevator, and as we got out and started walking down the hall i felt that awful feeling again, and i pretty much shoved my poor kid out of the way as i ran into our room and got up close and personal with the toilet.  it was just horrible, and i was aching from head to toe.  the bean, that poor thing, sat on the bed with wide eyes waiting for me to come back out, asking me if i was okay, telling me how sorry she was that i was feeling so sick.

the hub came into the room then, armed with the bag of medication and bottles of water, and after making sure that we were okay decided to head downstairs to grab a drink and enjoy a cigar after the long drive up.  and while he was gone - well, let's just say that my body wasn't quite through yet,  ugh.

he was gone for a couple of hours and when he finally came back it turned out that his quiet time downstairs hadn't exactly gone as planned.  most of his time was spent in the restroom, as he somehow got hit with the same thing that plagued me.  we went to bed and tried our hardest to get some sleep, but neither of us really slept much that night.

the next morning, i felt like i'd been run over by a semi.  the hub was feeling just as terrible, and it was all i could do to pull myself together enough to do the bean's hair and makeup and help her get dressed and ready for competition.  i walked her down to meet up with her team, and with a few hours between their call time and her first performance i sent her off with one of the team moms to join the rest of the girls while i headed back upstairs in an effort to try and get some rest.

unfortunately for us, we were so wiped out by this thing that we both ended up missing the entire competition.  my mom bestie tried her hardest to go live on instagram when it was time for her to perform with both teams, but the reception was terrible in the arena and i sat there in bed crying miserably at having missed my kid perform in a competition for the first time.  it sucked.

we stayed in bed trying to gather up enough strength to get packed up and outta there, lingering in the room so long that housekeeping was trying to get in to clean the room for the next occupants. it was a good two hours past checkout time before we finally got out of the room, apologizing to the desk staff and explaining why we hadn't left when we were supposed to.  they were sympathetic and sent up a staffer with a cart to help us bring our bags down, and we circled the arena a couple of times looking for a spot to park and wait for the bean to come out.  and when she finally did, i got out of the car to thank the coaches and my friend for keeping an eye on her for us.  but the bright side:  the bean's team took first place in the competition!  yay!

i felt terrible that the hub drove us all the way home feeling as terrible as he did.  i tried to get him to let me drive even part of the way, but he waved me off, saying that we were both feeling awful and it didn't matter which one of us did the driving.  and i tried my hardest to stay awake, but i was sitting in the back so that i could help the bean take her hairpiece out and clean off her makeup and when she passed out cold, so did i.  we were all grateful when we finally pulled up at home, where the old lady, her special friend and stevie the dog were waiting for us.  they'd taken care of molly for us while we were gone, and made a quick exit not long afterwards.  the old lady had also been hit by this stomach bug earlier in the week, and for some reason even molly had barfed a couple of times.

we're all back to normal now, thank god.  but all i can say is BEWARE.  this crap comes out of nowhere and hits HARD.  i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.  bleh.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

the 13th twirl

on our anniversary, the hub had been invited to a rather important client's holiday gathering down in orange county. in a fit of PMS, i'd thrown a fit when i found out and pretty much bullied him into opting out of attending so that we could go out on an anniversary date night.

but after the hormones were back under control i sheepishly brought it up again and told him that we could celebrate our anniversary another night so that he could go to the party and put in some face time.  he, of course, wouldn't hear of it, suggesting instead that i drive down with him, drop him off at the club and head out to do some shopping at fashion island for a couple of hours.  we could do a late dinner after i picked him up, which sounded like a pretty great idea to me.

before we left the house, you know i had to put the dress on.  i was kind of hesitant about it, remembering how i hadn't been able to zip it all the way up last year and wondering how it would go this time around. but as it turns out, 10 months of going to orangetheory fitness twice a week interspersed with barre classes paid off as the hub zipped it up without a hitch, even remarking that there was a little room to spare.  yay!

since he's been on this keto diet, he's lost a significant amount of weight.  in fact, he weighs less now than he did on our wedding day.  i think i picked up at least half of what he dropped, heh.  and so when i talked him into putting his wedding tux on he ended up looking somewhat like a little boy playing dress-up in his daddy's clothes.  and even better, i got him to do a twirl for me!

as for me, i settled for a simple boomerang.  i mean, it's not like you haven't seen me do this before.

we got the old lady to take a couple of pictures for us before we changed into going-out clothes and heading out for the evening.  she made sure to get our hibiscus watercolor in the background - the one we used as our wedding logo that the hub's grandma painted for us.

by the time we got through traffic and dropped him off at his party, i really only had about an hour and a half to screw around.  i decided to head over to sprinkles and picked up some treats to take home to the kids before making my way to fashion island to check out their lululemon store.  look at how gigantic it is:

in fact, the girl at the register told me that it's the second largest store in the country - second only to the one in NYC, and even then only by just a few square feet located in their storage room.  heh.

i got back to pick up the hub right when he'd asked me to get back, giving us enough time to drive over to our dinner destination.  ruth's chris is where we had our wedding dinner on maui, and we like to have our anniversary celebration here every now and then.

we were led to a table that was decorated with some fun confetti for the occasion, and handed special menus with an anniversary greeting.


we kicked things off with the lump crab cakes and barbecued shrimp.

and then we decided to share the surf & turf entree with some asparagus and brussels sprouts on the side. super delicious.

our server brought us a fun dessert to cap things off - a mini caramel cheesecake served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

one last selfie before getting back in the car and heading home:

i still can't believe it's already been 13 years.  man, how time flies.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

lucky 13

about thirteen-ishyears ago, we sent out this little box to our families and closest friends and invited them to join us as we vowed to love and cherish each other forever.

and then thirteen years ago today, we stood together at this beautiful spot in maui and became a family.

we had some cake (okay, this is from our at-home reception, but it still counts and especially because my hair and makeup was so much better than on our actual wedding day, heh):

did a little dance:

and walked off hand-in-hand to see what the future had in store for us.

since then, he's made so many of my dreams come true, and we've shared enough laughter and tears to fill a hundred lifetimes.  he's the best partner in life i could have ever asked for, and i can't imagine spending a single day without him in it.

happy anniversary to my best friend, my love, my lobster.  thank you for everything you do for us, and thank you for putting up with my shenanigans and still coming home at the end of every day.  i can only hope that i bring half as much joy to you as you do to me.
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