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Friday, December 14, 2018

another getalong gang GTG

we had our annual outing with the getalong gang last weekend, and it's truly amazing that we were able to pull our shit together and get everyone in the same place at the same time in the month of december.  heh.  i'd put together some little gifts for the kids...you know, some fun stuff using my trusty embroidery machine.  there were little keychains, hand sanitizer cases, a bookmark, a zipper pouch, a mini wallet and a set of mary poppins-themed ears for mini cee.

this year's venue was the crack shack, newly opened in pasadena.

dailygluttony and mini DG had already snagged a great table near the kids' play area, where the kids happily congregated to hang out while we ordered food.

the menu looked pretty fantastic.  

we ended up ordering a whole fried chicken:

two sandwiches - the señor croque and the firebird:

mini biscuits served with miso maple butter:

and an order of fries and chicken "oysters," which was a fancy way to say "super delicious chicken nuggets."

everyone got one of these paper-lined trays to use as a plate:

i eventually went back and ordered myself a fun drink - a lovely glass of frosé.

every single bite was crazy delicious.  i could have kept on eating, but i restrained myself.  and they make all of their sauces in-house - there was ranch, a spiced ketchup, a sriracha-based sauce, and a couple more i'm missing.  it was all so good, and i can't wait to go back for more.

while we sat around munching and chatting, the kids plowed through their food and then gathered in the play area again to cuddle up together and watch - well, who knows what.

we got them to stand up and pose for a picture, and i promise they actually do like each other more than what they're portraying here:

and then we made them take pictures of us. the first one had a run-through photobomber:

and as soon as she snapped the pictures she flipped the camera around and took some selfies, as she does.

on the way out, we stopped for chicken photos.

yay for keeping up traditions with friends!

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