Friday, April 19, 2019

easter = toga

the bean's spring break has finally begun!  yay!

while other schools in our area had their break weeks ago, ours was delayed because of how late easter is this year.  makes sense since it's a christian school, right?  and yesterday the kids put on a performance for us that was a reading of an essay they'd written from the perspective of someone who was around during the time of jesus.  the teachers asked for them to come to school dressed in a toga or tunic for the occasion, and i was amused at the notion of a toga party to celebrate easter.

of course, i had at least a couple of weeks to prepare for this and didn't actually get anything together until literally 6am yesterday morning.  oops.  i knew there were probably some who were expecting us to show up in some sort of fantastic handmade sewn creation, so i was snickering a bit as i sat in the sewing room looking at a white flat sheet and googling "how to tie a toga."  the bean dragged herself into the room a little while later, and after perusing a few different sites plus a couple of youtube videos, we got to work.

it ended up being a lot easier than i'd thought, and then we got to work on a half up/half down hairstyle with curls and a sparkly decorative piece to dress her up a little.  we added a rope belt and one of my old stella & necklaces and called it a day.

when we got to school, we headed into her classroom where a few of her fellow classmates were hanging out with the teachers, checking out each others' ensembles and chatting about what they were going to be doing for spring break.  there was quite a variety of outfits there, in different colors and all levels of effort ranging from full-on toga costumes to simple belted t-shirts.  my co-room parent and i were tasked with the duty of heading up to the music room where the kids would break up into groups and read their pieces, making sure that the parents who arrived didn't disturb the arrangement of chairs in the room.  the junior high kids occupy the upper floor where the music room is, and they were finishing up their annual testing so we had to make sure that parents didn't loiter in the hall and distract the students.

the bean seemed a little nervous about reading her essay in front of her group, but was excited when she walked in the room and saw both me and her dad waiting there for her.  she loves when i do stuff like this:

at least her friends think i'm funny.

the kids were split up into several groups, and then each kid took a turn standing up in front of their group to read their easter perspective essays.  it went pretty quickly, and while the bean whispered to me that she was nervous she did a perfectly fine job.

then we had time to take pictures of the kids before they headed back downstairs to their classrooms and get the rest of their schoolday going.  i had to tease her BFF's mom for sending her kid to the toga party dressed like the statue of liberty:

and then after they all got downstairs and changed back into their uniforms they got to have a donut that my co-room parent had brought in.  the bottles of water i brought in weren't quite as popular, but that's okay.  of course she went for the ultra giant chocolate donut:

the old lady and her special friend are heading to coachella for the second weekend of the music festival.  they were planning on boarding stevie for the weekend, but the hub said that was silly and we decided to babysit him ourselves.  he's a stage 5 clinger and cries when his parents aren't in view, so it's going to be interesting.

as soon as they made their exit he jumped up onto the couch and watched and listened for them, crying the whole time.  poor baby.

after awhile he finally calmed down and relaxed.  he kept a close watch on the door, but he eventually decided to just lay down and chill.

wish me luck.  he's got four days of just me, the bean and the hub.  survival of the fittest.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

disney days are the best days

the bean and i managed to squeeze in another mommy & me afternoon at disneyland last week, heading down to anaheim right after school again like the last time.  she was extra tired that day though, and i ended up driving all the way there like this:

this time, we decided to spend some time in disneyland since we hadn't visited that side in awhile.  the castle is currently undergoing some renovations and so it's all covered up:

and the back side looks like this:

we'd snagged a fastpass for big thunder mountain, so that was our first ride of the day.  i love that ride anyway, but even more so because we get a glimpse of the soon-to-open star wars-themed "galaxy's edge" land.

from there, we headed over to tomorrowland and got in the line for buzz lightyear astro blasters ride.  i was pretty proud of myself for managing to find the secret spot that you hit to rack up big points, because this is the highest score i've ever had.

star tours across the way had just a 20-minute standby line, which is practically unheard of on a friday afternoon.

oh yeah, and i was super excited to finally wear the star wars pants i made last month!

we were pretty stoked at how much we were getting to do.  it usually takes going to rope drop for us to get on this many rides in that amount of time, especially on the disneyland side.  we decided to stop for a snack, and the bean chose a simple ice cream cone from the gibson girl parlor.

as she was enjoying her treat, we noticed an open spot on the curb along main street as people were starting to find seats for the upcoming parade.  and since we had no plans and some time to kill before our next fastpass, we decided to sit down and actually watch a parade for once.  and somehow we managed to find ourselves right in front of where the disneyland band decided to come out and entertain the crowd.

it'd been quite a long time since we'd seen the parade, so it was pretty fun to just sit there and peoplewatch before it started.  i didn't even know which parade we were waiting for, and it turned out to be mickey's soundsational parade.  so much fun!

just as the last float was starting to head our way, i realized we had just enough time to get over to matterhorn mountain to use our next fastpass.  we made our way over there as quickly as we could and scanned in our fastpasses with about 3 minutes to spare.

by the way, that ride is terrible.  it's super jerky and when you're an old lady who's pushing 50, so not a good idea anymore.  my back was so sore when we were done.  ugh.

i wanted to snap a couple of pictures of the adventureland entrance.  they're revamping it to accommodate the anticipated increase in traffic when galaxy's edge opens, and i wanted to capture it before the redo.

we were getting hungry by that time, so we stopped at the jolly holiday cafe to grab something to share.  we settled on the jolly holiday combo - a grilled cheese sandwich with a cup of tomato basil soup, and scooped up a mickey macaron while we were at it.  it's part of the "get your ears on" celebration of mickey and minnie's 90th birthdays, so it was super cute.

the guardians of the galaxy ride is one of our favorites, so that was our next fastpass.

and because we weren't done snacking, we stopped at a couple of the food & wine festival kiosks - one for our favorite grilled asparagus chicken caesar salad and then at sonoma terrace for the baked brie appetizer that the bean was craving.

our last ride of the evening was the incredicoaster.  it's always a good time, and the adrenaline rush i needed to wake me up for the drive home.

...because of course, she fell asleep almost as soon as we got out of the parking structure.

another super successful disney day, check!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

sewing and upcycling and cookie-ing

i got a bug up my butt to make stevie a shirt one day, and found that they were so much fun that i ended up making him not just one, but four.  they're a quick sew, and i managed to use up some chunks of fun fabric from my scrap bin that i wouldn't really have known what to do with otherwise.  when i sewed up the first one, i didn't know when i was going to see him again and so i found one of the bean's stuffed animals and used it as a model.  it fit perfectly.

and on the day i made the other three, the old lady and her special friend came over for dinner and i was finally able to see them actually on him.  he looks super excited, yes?

that same day i had found some time to try out a new tank top pattern for myself and used some of my "friends"-themed fabric.  you'll have to pardon the mess behind me as i was trying to clean as i went and stuffed a bag full of scraps and other trash.

i had lots of the "friends" fabric left over and that's how stevie and i ended up twinning.

a couple of days later, the bean had a "mismatched day" spirit day at school.  this gave me a great excuse to pull out even more scraps and sew up a crazy outfit for her to wear.

crazy or not, she was stoked to wear it with half her hair in a braid and the other half in a ponytail, plus a school skirt and two different shoes.

you may have already noticed this in my chateau marmont post - i sewed up this cute little cropped cardigan to wear over a jumpsuit i'd found in a local shop that actually fit me.  being as short as i am, it's not easy to find outfits like that that don't require hemming of some sort.

and after the hub did a major closet cleanout and pulled out a bunch of dress shirts that he'd gotten tired of, i decided to look up "refashioned men's dress shirts" on pinterest and see if i could make something else out of them for myself.  i came across a pretty easy looking tutorial that would turn one of those shirts into a super cute one-shoulder top, and so i picked out one of my favorites from the pile and took out the scissors.

i gotta say, even though the shirt was destined for the donate pile, it was still a little nerve wracking making that first cut.  but i double checked the instructions, took a deep breath and sliced right in.

the rest of it went pretty quickly, and in no time i was trying it on to see how it looked.  not too bad, i'd say.

spurred on by the success of my first try, i decided to jump right into a second refashioning tutorial.  this one would create an off-the-shoulder tunic or dress with a quick cut and just a couple of other steps.  i chose this shirt:

and about 20 minutes later it was ready to try on.  this one might take a little shaping...or i might just have to wear it as a dress so it doesn't look so baggy.  we'll see.

and lastly, the last couple of weeks have seen me working on lots of birthday milestone cookies for various friends.  i actually really like doing the number cutouts because they're pretty easy to crank out.

i have a whole other stack of shirts from the hub, and a few more tutorials i want to try out.  a few of the shirts carry a good bit of sentimental value, so i just couldn't bring myself to put them in the pile to be given away.  i just hope i can find something good to make with them that'll actually be wearable.
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