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living the high life

for our second day in colorado, we decided to revisit another tourist spot from our last trip to the area - pike's peak.  i was a little leery of it this time around though, because since that last visit i've gotten older and discovered that my body doesn't really love being up in super high altitudes.  i'd already been experiencing a little chest tightening and shortness of breath since we'd arrived, and knowing that pike's peak is more than 14,000 feet up - well, let's just say that i was having a little anxiety.

we drove through the little city of manitou springs on the way there, and giggled a little at the sign advertising santa's workshop at the north pole.

while we hadn't anticipated being able to ride the train that we'd taken up to the top last time, we were  still disappointed to find that it wasn't in operation at all.  the station was all boarded up and it looked like no one had been there in quite some time.

that's okay, th…

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