Tuesday, December 18, 2018

sugar & stitches and creations by the bean in the house

it's been a week or so since our boutique debut.  both the bean and i had a really great time and found that our wares were pretty well-received.  it also helped that we had prime spots right at the entrance, which meant that most of the folks who came in to shop around saw us almost immediately.

i'd spent a solid month or so getting ready for it, sewing up as many pieces as i could, still finishing up a few things the morning of the boutique.  the bean was a little less frantic, whipping up just two of the four different varieties of slime she was planning to sell.  the good thing about selling slime, though, was that she could easily pack up all of her supplies and make it right at her table and call it a "demonstration."  heh.

my inventory had quite a bit more variety, as i tried to guess as to what kinds of things would appeal for folks who were doing some christmas shopping as well as browsing for themselves.  i made five of these fun little christmas gnomes:

several different designs of hand sanitizer cases:


 lip balm holders:

zipper pouches:

fun little hair clips:

keychains with designs that i hoped would appeal to the kids:

and a last-minute addition that i thought might be of interest to someone.

i thought it would be kind of fun to offer customized banners like this one:

and to fulfill the "sugar" part of my name, i busted out a few dozen of these cookies that i sold for $1 apiece.

that morning, i fired up the heat press to create banners we could use on our tables:

and then we packed up all of our stuff into the car and headed over to the school, giving ourselves 45 minutes to get everything all set up.  it took the bean almost no time at all:

thank goodness the hub was able to stay for a bit, because once we were set up and the doors were open the bean's table was quite the center of activity.  slime remains a huge draw for the kids, which is pretty hilarious.

later, when the hub had to head out for an event at the cigar lounge, the old lady and her special friend arrived to take his place as her backup.

i didn't even know how i was going to set my table up, and i totally winged it.  it turned out pretty nicely, though:

the elf sweaters were a big hit:

while my little collection of fortnite-inspired items and the hair clips i'd put together as an 11th-hour addition didn't fare too well.

almost everything harry potter-inspired i'd stitched together sold.  the crossbody bags went over really well too.  and while i didn't sell out of them, the hand sanitizer cases were popular as were the lip balm holders.  and it helped that i'd picked up one of these:

that little gadget allowed me to accept credit cards and even apple pay.  pretty snazzy, eh?

the bean ended up selling $120 worth of slime, completely selling out of her "dole whip" and "snow" and just a handful of the gingerbread and churro flavors left over.  i think i managed to sell about $300 worth of goodies, which i'm gonna call a success, and while i've used a few of the leftover pieces as quickie christmas gifts i'm kind of itching to sign up for another one of these little handmade boutiques.  it was a lot of fun, and i'd had a blast sewing up all of the inventory.

we'll just have to see what 2019 brings.

Friday, December 14, 2018

another getalong gang GTG

we had our annual outing with the getalong gang last weekend, and it's truly amazing that we were able to pull our shit together and get everyone in the same place at the same time in the month of december.  heh.  i'd put together some little gifts for the kids...you know, some fun stuff using my trusty embroidery machine.  there were little keychains, hand sanitizer cases, a bookmark, a zipper pouch, a mini wallet and a set of mary poppins-themed ears for mini cee.

this year's venue was the crack shack, newly opened in pasadena.

dailygluttony and mini DG had already snagged a great table near the kids' play area, where the kids happily congregated to hang out while we ordered food.

the menu looked pretty fantastic.  

we ended up ordering a whole fried chicken:

two sandwiches - the señor croque and the firebird:

mini biscuits served with miso maple butter:

and an order of fries and chicken "oysters," which was a fancy way to say "super delicious chicken nuggets."

everyone got one of these paper-lined trays to use as a plate:

i eventually went back and ordered myself a fun drink - a lovely glass of frosé.

every single bite was crazy delicious.  i could have kept on eating, but i restrained myself.  and they make all of their sauces in-house - there was ranch, a spiced ketchup, a sriracha-based sauce, and a couple more i'm missing.  it was all so good, and i can't wait to go back for more.

while we sat around munching and chatting, the kids plowed through their food and then gathered in the play area again to cuddle up together and watch - well, who knows what.

we got them to stand up and pose for a picture, and i promise they actually do like each other more than what they're portraying here:

and then we made them take pictures of us. the first one had a run-through photobomber:

and as soon as she snapped the pictures she flipped the camera around and took some selfies, as she does.

on the way out, we stopped for chicken photos.

yay for keeping up traditions with friends!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

family photo shoot time!

for this year's family photo shoot, i found a photographer through one of the local mom's facebook groups i'm in.  i'd seen posts of other family shoots she'd done and everyone raved about her, so when i saw her post availability for 30-minute mini shoots i decided to go for it.  not to mention, her rate was insanely low and she was shooting at a park using a cute little setup her husband built for her.  i showed the picture of the setup to the hub and the old lady, and after i got their stamps of approval i went ahead and booked it.

the hub requested that we dress up for our photos this time around, which we haven't done in a few years.  i'm always down for a good excuse to wear a fun dress and break out the shoes with the red bottoms.  but of course, on the day of the shoot i was battling a pretty hard core breakout right above my lip that i knew was going to require a little photoshop magic.  blech.

also, with our sweet mollydog on the decline, we decided to scoop her up and take her with us so we could get some nice pictures with her.  as much as it sucks, this is likely going to be our last christmas with her, and at least we'll have had some good family photos with her in them.

we managed to get through all of the shots we wanted to capture in about 20 minutes, and in even that short amount of time our photographer managed to snap off quite a few shots.  here's a handful of my favorites:

this should have been really cute, but instead it made the old lady look isolated from the rest of us. bummer.

the obligatory "look at each other and laugh" shot.

i couldn't believe that while the rest of us got to pose with molly individually, we didn't get a picture of the bean with her.  dang it.  although i gotta say...the hub's is my favorite.  hahahahahahaha.

speaking of the hub, he had a mini shoot of his very own not too long ago.  he desperately needed to update his professional headshots, and from the looks of these pictures he had a little fun in front of the camera:

he's such a goofball, and i wouldn't have it any other way.

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