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Monday, May 23, 2022

a little bonding time with the bean

the bean's cheer team had not only qualified, but earned a fully paid bid to the quest competition at disney world.  and so we found ourselves heading out to florida for the third year in a row, and just like the first time it was just the two of us.  the hub had gotten his fill of disney world last year, since he's not as big of a fan as we are, and this way he'd be home to stay with the dogs and everyone was happy.

he booked us flights out of ontario this time, which was extra nice because LAX is always such a nightmare.

time to take off:

as usual, she was asleep pretty much as soon as we took off, snoozing right through lunch.

it wasn't a nonstop flight, and we landed in dallas a few hours later where we were happy to stretch our legs, find a snack and grab some food.

we had just enough time to wolf down our food before it was time to board the next plane.

the little dish of warm nuts was the source of many jokes, mostly from me because i'm forever ten years old.

it was past 10pm local time by the time we finally landed in orlando.  

by the time we were able to grab our luggage and make our way to the rideshare pick-up area, it was pretty late and we were really dragging from the long day of travel.  we were pretty relieved when we finally got to the resort.

i'd managed to score us a room at the swan hotel, which is one of disney world's "good neighbor" hotels.  it's on resort property but not actually run by disney, and the building we were booked in was brand new - built during the pandemic - with a great location pretty much right in the middle of the property and within walking distance of two different theme parks.

check-in was easy peasy, and then we were finally in our room where we collapsed into bed and went to sleep almost instantly.

yay for being back at disney world!  woohoo!!

Friday, May 13, 2022

time for a little magic

it'd been awhile since we'd made our way out to disneyland, and the old lady and i were going through withdrawals.  we scored a reservation for a sunday, but the bean wasn't feeling it and opted out.

and so it turned into a rare mommy & me day for me and my firstborn.  

even better?  after months of having to trudge the half-mile (each way!), the trams to take us from the parking structure to the main gates were finally up and running again.  woohoo!

and in honor of women's history month, for the first time ever the floral display at the entrance to disneyland was arranged in the shape of minnie mouse.

here's a pro tip - if you're looking for a super delicious coffee drink, skip the starbucks and place a mobile order at the docking bay back in galaxy's edge.  this is cold brew topped with sweet cream and a handful of cocoa puffs, and it's SO GOOD.

we also decided to split an order of beignets from the mint julep bar, and the seasonal flavor was cookie butter, with a cup of actual cookie butter to dip them in.  yum. my.

my little girl isn't a bride anymore, but an actual wife.  whoa...

we still had tabs to use up from our sip & savor pass for the food & wine festival, so we headed over to the kiosks to make our selections.  from the d*lish booth, we grabbed the cubano slider and black & tan beef potato puffs.  both were super tasty.

next up was something from the "nuts about cheese" kiosk.  this is the peanut butter & jelly mac with brown sugar streusel and strawberry pop rocks on top.  now, hear me out - while it sounds weird and probably kinda gross, i found myself going back for another bite.  and another, and another, until it was all gone.  the old lady, a major peanut butter fan, didn't love it.  but it was so odd that it was just...really fun to eat.

the next item came from the california craft beers booth - the IPA sausage dog with cheddar sauce, peppers and onions, jalapeño crunch topping on a pretzel roll.  i'm a total wimp when it comes to any level of spice, so this one was all for her.

from "peppers cali-ente," this was the spicy yellow chile creamed chicken over jasmine rice with olive tapenade.  she got this one all to herself too.

for dessert, we passed up the very popular mickey-shaped snickers macaron and opted for the chocolate hazelnut crunch instead.  this was basically like a giant piece of ferrero rocher - a chocolate ball filled with chocolate hazelnut mousse, topped with chocolate hazelnut glaze and a piece of gold leaf.  it was delicious, and something we knew the bean would have really liked.

we decided to head over to avengers campus to see if we could score single rider seats on the webslingers ride, and on our way there we passed the newly-installed plaque that paid tribute to the father of all things marvel - stan lee.

we were, indeed, in luck that day and not only did we find the single rider line open for the ride, but when it was our turn to board we were able to ride together instead of having to split up into two different ride vehicles.  it was a great way to cap off our day, and after picking up a couple of take-home treats we skedaddled outta there and went home.

ah, the perks of being magic keyholders.  the reservation system's kind of a pain in the ass, but it sure is nice to go to the parks for a few hours to soak up some magic, eat some tasty treats and go home. 

Thursday, May 12, 2022

blue bows in full effect

once we got home from our fabulous hawaii trip, life was back to normal and we were off and running from the very next morning.  the hub and the bridal couple were all back to work and the bean off to school and cheer and everything else in our normal routines.

and a couple of weeks later, she had a cheer competition that was local for once - right here in downtown l.a., at the convention center.  we got her dressed and ready and headed out in the rain to meet up with the team.  the competition was running pretty far behind schedule, and so we had a lot of time to sit around and wait.

a couple of hours later, it was finally time for them to head to warmups and get themselves ready to hit the mat.

i swiped this from the team's instagram account - the bean is right there in the middle of the photo.

they nailed their routine, with all of the parents gathered right in front of the stage screaming our heads off to cheer on our girls.

and then with even more time to kill and nothing but vending machines available to us, the hub made a phone call and took a brisk walk out to the palm restaurant to pick up the best waiting-for-cheer-competition-awards dinner that ever was.

i know i'm way behind on recapping, but if i remember correctly the bean's team took second place at this competition.  it was another great way for them to prep for the rest of the comps on their schedule, and they still had florida coming up.  and with this truly being the bean's final year of competitive cheer, i was just enjoying watching the performances and taking it all in.

so many things are changing...i'm not sure i'm ready.  eek.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

from newborn to married

 in honor of the old lady's 27th birthday, here's 27 pictures of her:

ah, my little girl.  where did the time go?  literally in the blink of an eye...

parents: enjoy every moment.  because before you know it, your little ones are fully grown and married and stuff.  sigh.

a little bonding time with the bean

the bean's cheer team had not only qualified, but earned a fully paid bid to the quest competition at disney world.  and so we found our...