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Thursday, May 12, 2022

blue bows in full effect

once we got home from our fabulous hawaii trip, life was back to normal and we were off and running from the very next morning.  the hub and the bridal couple were all back to work and the bean off to school and cheer and everything else in our normal routines.

and a couple of weeks later, she had a cheer competition that was local for once - right here in downtown l.a., at the convention center.  we got her dressed and ready and headed out in the rain to meet up with the team.  the competition was running pretty far behind schedule, and so we had a lot of time to sit around and wait.

a couple of hours later, it was finally time for them to head to warmups and get themselves ready to hit the mat.

i swiped this from the team's instagram account - the bean is right there in the middle of the photo.

they nailed their routine, with all of the parents gathered right in front of the stage screaming our heads off to cheer on our girls.

and then with even more time to kill and nothing but vending machines available to us, the hub made a phone call and took a brisk walk out to the palm restaurant to pick up the best waiting-for-cheer-competition-awards dinner that ever was.

i know i'm way behind on recapping, but if i remember correctly the bean's team took second place at this competition.  it was another great way for them to prep for the rest of the comps on their schedule, and they still had florida coming up.  and with this truly being the bean's final year of competitive cheer, i was just enjoying watching the performances and taking it all in.

so many things are changing...i'm not sure i'm ready.  eek.

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