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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

and that's a wrap

and then it was time to go home.  WOMP WOMP.  and adding insult to injury, we woke up to one hell of a gorgeous morning.

we got our stuff all packed up and ready to go and soaked in every last minute of paradise.

as we made our way back towards the airport, we made one last stop...at liliha bakery, for a final delicious meal.  funny, last time we were in hawaii we started our trip off this way.

it's all about the toasted buttery rolls and insanely yummy jelly, plus the coco puffs and of course...spam and eggs.  mmmmmm.

with the rental car refueled and safely returned, we dropped off our luggage, made our way through security and dragged our asses to the gate.


just like our flight out, we were greeted warmly by the flight attendants and offered a beverage before takeoff.  i perused the menu to see what our choices were for lunch:

bye again, o'ahu...for now.

as per her usual, the bean was passed out before we reached cruising altitude - just barely waking up to eat when lunch was served.

i spent the flight alternating between watching stuff i'd downloaded and dozing off, and then a few short hours later we were home.

such a wonderful trip, so full of love and laughter.  it had gone by so fast, but the memories we made together will last forever.  words cannot adequately describe how amazing those five days were, and although we're back to life, back to reality...the magic of my firstborn's wedding weekend lives on.

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