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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

one more day

we had just one full day left of this trip to paradise.  the hub, the bean and i hopped in the car and headed down the street to da bald guy's food truck for some delicious breakfast.

and just across the parking lot was a cute little coffee shop for our caffeine fix.

we met up with the newlyweds, who were hanging out at the beach with a handful of wedding guests, including rock-ell and her family plus the old man's (because that's what we're calling him now, heh) sister and her two sweet girls.  the bean is surprisingly wonderful with small children.  i wonder where she gets that from, because it sure ain't me.

the hub and the old man's sister went out for a food run, picking up fresh poke and stopping at ted's bakery for their famous chocolate haupia pie.

and after all the food was gone, we packed up and made the short trek over to the beach for a little time in the ocean.

as we walked back to the condo, we came across the cats again.  

she loves an afternoon snack, especially if it consists of fresh sashimi.

and then later that evening, we met up with the group again for dinner at the resort.  our bartender from the reception happened to find us, and he happily whipped up some cocktails just for us.

it was a lovely, relaxing day.  the perfect way to end a wonderful trip with memories to last a lifetime.  paradise indeed.

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