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Friday, April 22, 2022

the morning after

the final event we had planned for the wedding weekend extravaganza was a farewell brunch at the resort on the morning after.  it was scheduled for 10:00, although it took a bit for everyone to arrive with the bride and groom last to drag their asses in.  i suppose that's a sign of a really good reception party though, right?

the bean was feeling no pain and was perfectly happy to dig into the bread basket and the nutella-filled crepe she was happy to find on the menu.

i have to admit, it was a little rough going for me too that morning.  you know i'm not typically a big drinker, but i'd definitely enjoyed my share of cocktails all weekend long.  and i was feeling the aftereffects in a big way.  heh.  

one of our friends had alerted me to something she'd seen at the ala moana shopping center in waikiki - something that the bean would most certainly be thrilled to check out.  and so i'd managed to snag (free) tickets to it and told her that we were going to make the drive out to do some shopping and grab some lunch.  the hub was off golfing with his friends, and while the old lady had originally planned to join us, when i reminded her at breakfast all i got was a face and a "NOPE not doing that today!"  and so that left just me and the bean to do the hour-long drive together.  like a mommy-and-me day.  awwwww.

i'm sure you won't be shocked to see that the surprise was BTS-related...a pop-up shop in the mall, with a few photo ops and plenty of merchandise to pick up.

as we walked around the mall, we came across an oreo-themed store attached to the itsugar shop.  while we didn't buy anything here, it was fun to look at all the stuff they had for sale.

this itsugar shop was supersized, with lots of fun candy and themed merchandise and colorful displays.

we were both stoked to find an island vintage coffee shop on the lower level, and i sipped my delicious island latte while we looked up where to go for lunch. we have our list of favorite spots and the bean was craving poke, but it was not to be.  seems a lot of places had either closed or were simply not open on that day, and so we settled for the poke shop in the mall before hopping back in the car to head back up to north shore.

oh well.  we met up with the ILs for dinner before they headed to the airport to head home, and that was that.  everyone else kind of did their own thing, and we didn't see anyone again until the next day.

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