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Friday, August 31, 2018

checking out alt 66

so while perusing my instagram feed on saturday, i caught a post by the l.a. county fair that invited anyone who was interested to come and preview an art exhibit called "alt 66" that would be part of this year's route 66-themed fair.  it mentioned free entry, parking and food, and so i decided it would be a fun outing and made plans with the hub to check it out.

it wasn't super busy when we got to the fairplex, and we found a parking spot easily and headed on into the art center to see what there was to see.

the first thing we saw was this huge wall covered in snapshots taken along route 66, from all sorts of spots between santa monica and chicago.

there was a lot to look at, and it was a bit of sensory overload for me.  the bean must've felt the same way, and she found a seat at this booth in the "alt 66 cafe."

there was a huge aerial map of the area between here and santa monica, with these codes to scan that would show you alternate views of the section of the route you were standing in front of.  i never did get it to work on my phone, so we moved on.

free succulent clippings and seeds could be had here:

the art exhibits started beyond this sign.

this whole display was created using dry cleaner bags and plastic bottle caps.

here, you were invited to share your favorite road trip adventure on a postcard and either mail it to someone or post it on the wall.  the bean always stops to do this kind of stuff.

she kills me.

a lot of the exhibits were a little dark, but very much rooted in history as well as current events.

 what's a route 66 art exhibit without some "road signs"?

and the last of it was at the end of the building.  i should probably be able to explain it all a little more, but i'm terrible at interpreting art.  definitely not my strong suit.

we headed outside to the patio area to see what was going on out there.  there was a reception area, with refreshments and what looked like a taco guy getting set up, plus a DJ.

it looked like a pretty fun party in the making, but we were hungry and decided to head on outta there in search of dinner.

the alt 66 exhibit is free with admission to the fair, so i'm sure lots and lots of people will make their way through it at some point over the next few weeks.  if nothing else, those free succulent clippings and seeds will get snatched up as they head on inside for some air conditioning...the fair is always during the hottest part of the year.


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