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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

can't say no to the 626

so we've been going to the 626 night market for a few years now.  it's always a good time, and we always eat all sorts of fantastically delicious food there.  and even though after the last time we said that maybe we'd skip the next one because the vendors are pretty much always the same...well, we can't ever resist the call of the night market.

we decided to head out to arcadia for the july weekend a little later in the evening, like we'd done last month.  it's been insanely butt ass hot, and although going at 4 helps to avoid the giant crowds and catch a lot of the vendors when everything is fresh and fully stocked, the allure of cooler evening weather was a bigger draw for us.

the bean spotted this as soon as we walked in, and she just absolutely had to have one.

her sushi "taco" consisted of a crispy seaweed shell filled with sushi rice, krab mix, fresh chunks of salmon and cream cheese cubes coated in a seasoned sesame seed mix.  she devoured it quite happily.

she washed it down with an old fashioned lemonade, topped with a pretty flower.

the old lady really wanted to try the "flamin' spam musubi," featuring crispy fried spam dipped in a hot cheetos batter, but they were already sold out of them.  bummer.  but she consoled herself with a refreshing strawberry watermelon juice drink served in a giant baby bottle.  looks ridiculous, but considering the purchase included free refills she was all about it.

we decided to stop here and grab some snow crab fries:

they were fairly spicy, so the old lady's special friend got to enjoy most of them.

they stopped here for cups of spicy seasoned roasted corn in a cup:

while i decided to try a new-to-us booth that offered fresh crab rolls.  it was pretty delicious, but not quite as good as my beloved lobsta truck's version.

here, the old lady ordered a ramen burrito and got a chance to spin their wheel to win a prize.  she let her sister do it, and she was pretty stoked to win a 6-pack of indomie ramen noodles packed in a cute little tote.

we capped off the night with a stop at ridges churro bar for an ice cream sundae.  this was the "nutella nut" - vanilla ice cream drizzled with a nutella glaze and topped with chopped nuts and a churro.  you can see how that went over.

the next night market is scheduled for a couple of weeks from now, and while i can sit here and say that we could easily skip it and not miss a thing, we all know better.  besides, it only lasts through summer, which means there'll probably only be one or two weekends left.  gotta squeeze it in as much as we can while we can, amirite??

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