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Thursday, August 16, 2018

are you smarter than a 5th grader?

the bean is officially a 5th grader!  holy cow.  man, i remember the 5th grade...it was probably one of my most favorite school years.  i had a great teacher, all my friends were in my class, the boy i loved...well.  heh.

i, of course, made her take her traditional pose with the chalkboard.  the hub was standing at the front door making faces at her through the window, so she was distracted at first.

but we still got some good shots.

and then we took some more.

a little advice, courtesy of christopher robin.  my message board always has disney quotes on it, which will shock no one.

at school, she was excited to meet up with friends she didn't get to see a lot over summer break.

and then when the celebratory first day donuts came by she managed to snag one.

i'm sure you're dying to see the updated annual collage.  i really love doing these every year, because looking at the differences is always fun.

and this we took on the second day of school, because the one i got that first day ended up being a little blurry.  oh well.

gotta keep up those annual school traditions, you know.  and now we get back into the routine of homework and lunches and extracurriculars and car lines and all that jazz.  happy school year!

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