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Friday, August 17, 2018

another day, another night market

so for the third installment of the 626 night market for this summer, we decided we wanted to try some stuff we hadn't had before.  although we've noticed that it seems like there are fewer and fewer vendors working this thing, because we remembered even more options to pick from in markets past. they're still really well attended, so maybe they need to do something to attract new booths.  what that would be, i don't know.  oh well.

our first stop was the little fluffy head cafe, which we first discovered at the omg dessert fest last month.  the cheese tea sounded really good, and the bean wanted to try something new.

the old lady went with the jasmine tea with the (cream) cheese latte foam on top, while the bean and i shared a "chocomisu" - a black milk tea with tiramisu flavored cream and cocoa powder.  so good.

plus, they were giving away a free tote with the purchase of two drinks, and you know i love me some freebies.  not to mention, we'd forgotten to bring a bag with us for any purchases we might pick up.

the old lady was super excited for these hot cheetos-topped tacos, and they didn't disappoint.

her special friend opted for an order of buffalo chicken-topped fries.

and the bean and i decided to try this himalayan salt block steak.  it was a little pricey, but it was super tender and flavorful and we enjoyed every bite.

unicorn buns!  basically just a rainbow-colored cha su bao, which is always good.

we never do the night market without sharing a mochi waffle.

and before we left, the bean finally got to try something she eyes every time we come here - the pudding truck.  you can create your own pudding sundae, or pick one of theirs.  she opted for the cookies & cream panda, made with vanilla pudding, chunks of oreos and whipped cream with a panda face.

there's one more night market left for this summer, and since we've attended all of the others you know we'll make sure to hit it up one last time.  i mean...why not, right?

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