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Friday, September 14, 2018

that's my dawg

this little lady is 14 years old today!

i'm super grateful for this day, because the vet told us almost 9 months ago that she probably only had a few months left in her.  i really just wanted her to make it to her next birthday, but now that she has and is still as crazy and silly and feisty as ever, i'm hopeful that we'll get one more christmas with her, too.  she's the first pet i've ever had from puppy to old lady, and so all of this is totally new to me.  i adore her and can't imagine the house without her scampering around from one end to the other, hearing her nails clicking on the floor as she runs around, laughing as she jumps up onto the couch to bark at random people walking by, coming up to us when we get home with tail wagging and waiting to be given some love.  we've given her lots and lots of extra love these last nine months, and i think maybe that's even helped keep her going.  she feels our love and gives it right back.

i'm going to see if i can find a treat that she can have tonight to celebrate her birthday, and give her lots and lots of cuddles.  i love this dog so much.

here's a bunch of fun pictures we've taken over the last year.  happy birthday, little mollydog!

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