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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

science camp time!

so i'll have birthday recaps later, but first...

the bean is off to science camp!  we dropped off her luggage and sleeping bag yesterday at school (which sounds funny until you realize how much easier it is to have it all done before the day of), and then we were all up at 5 this morning getting ready to drop her off to board the bus.  they were instructed to be at school no later than 6am for a 6:15 departure time, and when we pulled it up it was still dark outside.

she's been super excited and antsy for this trip, and the teachers have both said that this is their most favorite school trip of all time.  they're going to have so much fun, snorkeling and playing games and learning about oceanography and all sorts of fun stuff.

we found one of her BFFs as soon as we got out of the car.

inside, the class all gathered around to chatter and giggle and start making plans for who got to sit with who on the bus.  lots of photos were taken.

the required photo with her best guy friend:

and when the third musketeer walked in, i made sure to get a shot of them together.

the hub was there too, mingling with the other parents and holding the door open as the kids started filing out with luggage in hand to load onto the bus.  and of course, the old lady was there to see her sister off too.

we were chatting with other parents as the kids started lining up for the bus, and when i spotted the bean next in line to get on board i scampered over for one last hug.  i said "hey, have so much fun!" with arms wide open and she looked over at me with a big grin and said "BYE MOM!" and waved without hugging me back.  YARG.  haha!

the bus takes them down to the port, where they board the boat that'll take them to the island the long way...we're talking a 2-hour ride vs. the express ferry that most of us take when going there for vacation, which only takes 45 minutes.  heh.  the dramamine is at the ready and i put the sea bands on her wrists too, even though i'm fairly certain she's not prone to seasickness.  but hey...better safe than sorry, right?

and now the hub and i are off on our day date to the happiest place on earth...so i didn't get to be at disneyland ON my birthday this year, but that's okay.  this way we can just relax and enjoy the day without having to rush back for school pickup.

see?  everybody wins!

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