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Monday, December 6, 2021

twirl now, recap later

well...wan-niversary #16 is in the books.  and i have a confession to make:  i didn't put the wedding dress on.

...until the next day.  because we went away for the weekend and in the flurry of packing and getting everything in order and making sure the bean had everything she needed for cheer showcase that happened to fall on the same weekend and and and... not only did i forget to grab my wedding dress, but also the very small gift i'd bought for the hub.  sheesh.

but it was a really lovely, relaxing weekend that we enjoyed spending together, just the two of us, full of love and laughter as all of our anniversaries are.  not perfect, mind you, as nothing ever truly is, but of course that's okay.  neither are we.

blah blah blah.  i know, all you want is this:

it's okay.  i get it.  i love the annual twirl too.  i'll recap the weekend later.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

happy namjoon day!

we've discussed the bean's obsession with BTS, right?  it rivals her sister's love for the jonas brothers, that's for sure.  and both of them definitely overshadow my own teenage adoration of duran duran, as much as i hate to admit it.  hahaha...i've raised a couple of serious fangirls.  i'm so proud.

anyway, i was really amused to learn that my own friend lilcee is also a member of the BTS army.  even more so when mini cee proudly announced that she...is not.  comedy.  it makes for interesting conversations when we get together, and a couple of months ago we planned an outing centered around the BTS love.  apparently there are people who will organize a big celebration when it's one of the band members' birthdays, usually held at cute boba shops in and around the l.a. area.  we decided to head out to koreatown's dragon boba for one such celebration, on the birthday of kim namjoon - also known as RM, the "rap monster" of the group.

although we got there closer towards the end of the day, there was still a pretty good-sized line to get inside.  and there were vendor booths and a dance party going on in the adjoining parking lot - i'm sad to say that i didn't get any pictures of any of it.  luckily, the line moved fairly quickly and as we got closer to the front a couple of giggling girls came up to us to offer free photocards - literally little cards with individual band members printed on them.  and when you're asked "who's your bias?" you answer with the name of your favorite one.  for the bean, it's always jimin.  and i should probably be embarrassed to admit this, but i actually have an answer to this question as well - it's V.  heh.  here's what they look like (and this is jimin, btw).

this was the special menu for the day:

and mmmm...mochi donuts.  i never turn down an opportunity to scarf one of those bad boys down.

how YOU doin'.

i'm not sure if these banners are always up or if they were put there for this momentous occasion.  the bean was in k-pop heaven though.  

look how cute their treats are!

and the whole store was all decked out in honor of RM.

these events usually involve special cup sleeves that are apparently a collectible amongst fans.  they had a whole bunch of them with all the band members and you could choose which one you wanted when you ordered your drink.

while we waited for our drinks to be ready, we hit up the photo op.  i asked the bean if she would want one or two of these life-size cutouts in her room like her sister used to have, but she looked horrified at the idea.  i guess there's a limit to her level of fangirl.

while the bean had gone with her usual boba order (brown sugar milk tea), i'd opted for something different.  this is the strawberry milkis drink, served with popping boba that's equal parts delicious and bizarre.

of course, we'd ordered a few treats as well.  the macarons were just too cute, and the bean loves crepe cake.  i had a mochi donut, but i must've devoured it without a picture.  how very unlike me.  i must've been hungry.

a couple more photos before we finally left:

when in k-town, it only makes sense to have korean bbq.  we headed to one of the higher-rated spots and i recognized it as the same one that the hub took us to about a year or so ago.  it was just as delicious as i remembered.

and then for dessert, we headed back towards dragon boba, only this time we went to their neighbor:

we were intrigued by the soft serve ice cream and their "croffle" - a croissant coated in sugar and cooked in a waffle iron.  

it was just as delicious as it looks, and made for a perfect way to end our day in k-town.

Monday, November 29, 2021

catching up with the dodgers

so, i have been really bad about posting.  like, during 2020 i kind of had an excuse - we were home for the majority of it and i honestly didn't have much to talk about.  but 2021 has brought a pretty fair level of normalcy back to our lives, what with the vaccine becoming widely available and things opening back up to near pre-pandemic levels.  and in looking back at my camera roll from the last - oh, eight months or so - i have a good number recaps to get caught up on.  eek.  and so the next handful of posts will be from random things we may have done quite awhile ago.  oops.

like the dodger game that we attended with a bunch of my cousins back in august.  we'd attended filipino heritage night in 2019 and said that we'd try to make it an annual thing.  my cousin had even put a deposit down on a block of tickets for the 2020 game, and we all know what happened to that.  and then he found out that there would indeed be a filipino heritage night for 2021 and so we all put in our requests for seats.  he scored a pretty sweet deal for a bunch of us, way down in a section they call the "home run seats."  they included all-you-can-eat grub and soft drinks, and we were all pretty excited to head down to chavez ravine and have a fun evening of cousin bonding and dodger baseball.

once we parked, we made our way towards the entrance where they checked for vaccination or negative covid test results.  i didn't love how close people were packing together and tried to socially distance as much as possible, and luckily the line moved pretty quickly.

people were obviously excited to get back to watching live games in the stadium.

after collecting our filipino-themed jersey, we made our way to our seats.  and we stocked up on snacks along the way - there were bags of popcorn and peanuts plus a healthy option of "clean snax."  there was also a self-service drink cooler with cans of soda and bottles of water.

our view was pretty awesome, i gotta say.

our section had a dedicated server, who brought us whatever we wanted from this menu:

during a run to the restroom, the old lady and i went over to see if we could catch a glimpse of the filipino dancers who were getting ready to perform down on the field.

back at our seats, the dodgers were out on the field practicing before the game started.

it was a good time for a couple of selfies.

not gonna lie, i was a little bummed that we weren't there for hello kitty night.

but hey - if you wanted to get vaccinated, they could hook you up right there in the stadium.  sweet.

this was the michelada sausage with slaw:

the dodgertown grinder - mortadella, prosciutto, oregano, parmesan, lettuce and oil & vinegar on a baguette.

nachos, of course.

and a simple dodger dog with ketchup, just the way i like it.

and the bean was pretty happy with this cup of chocolate malted ice cream.

jo koy, the comedian who is also filipino (and dating chelsea handler) got to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

the bean's cousins and their friend heckled cody bellinger endlessly throughout the game, and it was pretty comical.  but he was a good sport about it, at one point tossing a ball to them.  this was right before i actually caught a piece of it but lost it to one of the kids, which is how it should be anyway.

we had a group of cousins who had opted to buy tickets in a different section, and we coordinated a quick meet-up before the night ended.

the dodgers won the game, of course, and that was that.

it's always a good time when we hang out with my cousins.  i'm so glad that we get to do it face to face again, and not just through zoom like we had to do all last year.  hopefully that will continue, omnicron variant be damned.

twirl now, recap later

well...wan-niversary #16 is in the books.  and i have a confession to make:  i didn't put the wedding dress on. ...until the next day.  ...