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Monday, May 8, 2023

disney. dam. delish.

the next morning, we slept in a little and didn't have time to go grab a fun breakfast anywhere aside from a quick starbucks run.  the bean and i had tickets to a new disney immersive animation experience at the shops at crystals, next to the aria hotel.  it was a beautiful morning, and at that hour the strip was still pretty quiet with pretty much zero traffic.

the disney experience was located right next to the diana exhibit that the hub and i had visited back in december, sharing a space with the van gogh experience.  we'd gotten there just in time and there were already a lot of people checked in, taking advantage of the photo ops and looking at the displays.

the bean found the drawing station, but as soon as they picked up a pencil one of the staffers announced that it was time to go inside.  d-oh.

the large room that we entered next was filled with animated magic.  the walls were filled with huge disney-related projections and sparkly pixie dust covered the floor, clearing a path as you walked along.

the experience lasted about an hour and wove musical numbers and scenes from just about every disney movie you can think of, even including a few obscure ones like raya and the lost dragon, brother bear, strange world, and treasure planet.  i don't know what we were expecting out of this "experience," but we had fun and sang along to all the songs we knew.

when it was all over, in true disney fashion we exited right into a gift shop.

they shared the gift shop space with the van gogh experience, which was a little confusing at first.  heh.

and just outside, we tried our hand at the disney character "guess who?" poster.

while we waited for the hub to make his way back to pick us up, we peeked into the gucci store next door.

we checked off two more things off the list, parking at the nomad hotel and grabbing lunch from both the crack shack and eataly.

we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and drove out to hoover dam, where we learned that we were too late to take any of the guided tours but could still get into the visitors center and walk around.

if you look really closely, you can see a bunch of goats hanging out up on the top of the mountain.

and because i'm a doofus, i had to take a picture of me being in two places (and two time zones!) at once.

they're working on some multi-million dollar renovations up there.

and we paid our respects to the doggy who served as the dam's mascot during construction.

for dinner that night, we went to hobak for korean bbq - this was where BTS ate several meals last year during their vegas residency.  we'd tried to go that weekend, but had to pass because everyone else had the same idea and the line to get in wrapped around the building.  

our server was really amused when we asked him if he'd met BTS, and he tracked down the busboy who had managed to get a photo with jimin, borrowing his phone so that he could show it to the bean.  it was super sweet.  and he made sure to point out the signed CD case that was encased in glass and mounted high on the wall above the tables that the band had occupied during their visits.  

also, he brought us some rice pop ice cream, which was super delicious.  they offered several flavors of ice cream that was sandwiched between these light, crispy rice cake things that i would love to have at this very moment.  so good.

i think we did a pretty dang good job of squeezing as much fun into one day as possible, yes?  and none of it involved spending a shitton of cash.  in vegas.  i'm so proud of us!

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