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Friday, February 3, 2023

happy new (disneyland) year!

 with one last day of winter break left, i'll give you one guess as to where the bean and i went...

we got there relatively early, since we really just wanted to spend a few hours there and then head back home to get ready for the return to school.  of course, we grabbed breakfast at pym test kitchen, where the bean insisted on using the tiny fork to eat their meal.

i got to use one of my christmas presents from the hub:

and of course, we headed into the animation academy for a couple of drawing sessions.  the bean's "turning red" panda came out far better than mine, which is no surprise.

since we hadn't been on radiator springs racers in awhile, we headed into cars land and hopped into the single rider line.  although it was the longest we'd ever seen it, that line went pretty quickly.  instead of the 100+ minute wait in the standby line, we got through the line and onto the ride in about 30.  AND we lucked out and got placed in the same car.

we went over to the disneyland side just long enough to do some shopping on main street and take a picture in front of the tree:

and i tried the seasonal mint chip flavored churro.  it was okay, but i wouldn't get it again.  apparently it used to have an optional dipping sauce, but they were all sold out of it.  maybe it would have been better with it, but that's okay.  i'll stick to the traditional one - or the hot cocoa one, if that comes back.  that one was tasty.

when we got home we realized that the hub had been a busy bee in our absence, having taken down the christmas lights and all of our outdoor decorations.  and so we did our part and pulled all of the ornaments off of the tree, disassembling it and putting it back in the storage bag so that it could go back upstairs into the attic.  sigh.

the bean drowned their post-christmas letdown/back to school sorrows in a plate of homemade sushi:

and that was the end of winter break.  we've returned to the grind and are fully back in the routine again - and looking forward to february break in a couple of weeks.

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