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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

make it a blockbuster night

a blockbuster-themed pop-up bar opened in los angeles a few months ago, which i found amusing and slightly alarming (i know it's been gone for a long time, but man...blockbuster is vintage! sheesh).  i really didn't think much of it until i got an email that offered tables for weekend brunch - which prompted me to immediately text my friends to see if anyone was interested.  

and because they love a good novelty as much as i do, we picked a date and bought a table.  whee!

we were originally scheduled to go in december, but on the morning of our reservation i got an email telling me that brunch that day was being postponed "due to inclement weather."  and since the seating for brunch was set up outside, it would have been totally understandable had it not been perfectly clear and sunny when i looked out the window.  wtfever.  so i shot out a quick text and we picked a new date that worked for everyone.

i met up with lilcee and weezermonkey in pasadena so that we could carpool, and about ten minutes before our reservation we pulled up here:

we were a little early and they weren't officially open yet, so we waited outside until everyone arrived.  and of course, a group photo was required because duh.  and also because we'd all agreed to wear our most favorite clothing item of the moment - matching kirkland sweatshirts which dailygluttony had brought into our lives:

when we got inside, we checked in and then were directed to choose our cocktail.  they were all named after classic 90s movies, and you picked up a "video" and took it to the cashier to order your brunch entree and "check out."

i was really amused by this option - do you think they just found a stash of crystal pepsi sitting in a warehouse somewhere?

wouldn't it have been great fun if the actual blockbuster stores had bars inside?

here's the menu for brunch:

and if you'd come for the pop-up bar instead of brunch, you could order from this menu.

the whole place was a really fun blast from the past.

we headed out back to find a table, and i don't know why i didn't take a picture out there but it was pretty basic.  there was ample seating, and because it was early it wasn't hard to find a great spot for our group.

although i was immediately drawn to the "titanic" because i love that stupid movie, i'd chosen the "clueless" cocktail because it was just too ridiculous not to.  pop rocks and fruit gushers in my drink?  sign me up!

everyone else had chosen more grown-up beverages because they're not as immature as me.  heh.

weezermonkey and i had chosen two different entrees so that we could cut them in half and share.  pretty basic - the blockbuster brioche sandwich with bacon, eggs and cheese that was supposed to be served with tots, but came with fries instead:

and the "be kind, rewind" burrito that came with scrambled eggs, onion, tomato and cheese.

both were perfectly fine.  nothing exciting, but good enough, and we had a great time hanging out sipping our cocktails and chatting away like any other saturday breakfast club gathering.  when we were done, we grabbed seats on the couch inside for another group photo:

outside, we (along with a group of others who were waiting to be seated) found ourselves captivated by this robot that rolled past with a delivery of - well, something, for someone.  fascinating and a little scary because robots are going to take over the world.

obligatory group selfie:

i don't remember who had come up with the brilliant idea of posing a la the "bridesmaids" movie poster, but i love it (as did the hostess, who was kind enough to leave her post and take the pictures for us):

of course, we all posted pictures on social media - and thanks to dailygluttony we were reposted on instagram by an account we all love called costcodoesitagain, but also by costco itself:

we'll be signing autographs later.  have your cameras ready.

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