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Monday, March 6, 2023

super caffeinated indoor playground fun

the bean and i were invited to join a fun birthday party for our friend pokeleana's little boy at an indoor playground, and while i half expected them to sit in a corner bored as hell the whole time...they proved me very, very wrong.

the moment we set foot inside, left our shoes in a cubby at the door and headed on in, the fun started and lasted through the whole duration of the party.  after all, look at how cute it was in there:

even better, there was an unlimited espresso bar in one corner:

...which led to all kinds of shenanigans for the bean.  it was comical watching their antics, all the while clutching an iced mocha in one hand.

the birthday cake was adorable:

and i was really happy to see that the cookies pokeleana had ordered from me complemented it pretty nicely.

it was a really fun party, and we were happy to have been a part of it.  not to mention, it was fun watching the bean and mini cee turn into 6-year-olds again.  those moments are so few and far between anymore, so we take them whenever we can.  next thing you know we'll look up and they'll be driving and graduating from high school and and and...


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