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Thursday, March 9, 2023

i'm not a regular mom, i'm a cool mom

i got to chauffeur the bean and their friends to disneyland for a playdate again, which meant that i got to enjoy another solo day at the parks.  as always, it was a very entertaining drive to anaheim as we made our way down, and then as soon as we scanned in at the front gate we parted ways as they headed off to do what kids do at disneyland.

the disney 100 celebration is in full swing.

we'd arrived too late to get breakfast, so i wandered around trying to decide what i wanted that didn't require a long wait (or a reservation).  the festival kiosks for lunar new year were still open, but since it was the final weekend it was pretty crowded and i wasn't in the mood to stand around in multiple lines.  i ended up heading to the cozy cone and grabbing a bacon mac & cheese cone, which i hadn't had in a really long time.

i caught the tail end of mulan's lunar new year processional as i strolled through the park, cone in hand.

i met up with the kids for the guardians of the galaxy ride, which was even more fun than usual because the bean's other friend had never been on it and had no idea what to expect (he loved it).

i headed across the way into disneyland in search of my favorite cold brew and found myself second in line to say hello to minnie, who'd just arrived for a meet & greet session on main street.

obligatory castle selfie.

i'd already mobile ordered my cold brew, so i was in no hurry as i went through the castle into fantasyland and then made my way into galaxy's edge, where i spotted chewbacca waving from a distance.

and as i got to docking bay 7, i found another friend just hanging out.

i'd tried my hardest to get us spots in the virtual queue for the new mickey & minnie's runaway railway ride (say that five times fast), but when it didn't happen we snagged lightning lane passes instead.  of course, when i got to the entrance to toontown just before our entry window opened the ride was down...boo.

and so when the kids got there, we decided to go stand in line for space mountain.  too bad for us, our actual wait ended up being about double the posted time...but we still had fun.  and i was super amused that the bean's friend asked to sit next to me, because i'm cool like that.  i crack up every time i look at this picture:

a peek at the app once we got off the ride told us that runaway railway had finally reopened, so we headed back over to toontown and got in line.

although the bean and i have been on this ride over at disney world, it's always fun to experience a brand new attraction and see all the decorations and things they put in the queue to keep people occupied and interested as they wait.  we didn't get to see everything as the lightning lane queue is separated from the standby line, but that's okay.  

it was just as cute as we remembered, and it was a nice way to end our disney day.

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