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Thursday, August 24, 2023

lots and lots of old disney crap

a couple of years ago, the kids and i went to a really cool exhibit of disneyland memorabilia that was being auctioned off.  we'd had a lot of fun just checking everything out, and so when i heard that the auction house was doing another one the bean and i picked out a day to head out.  i don't remember where the last one was but this time it was in burbank, housed in a space that had been bed bath & beyond in its previous life.

as before, everything showcased here was going up for auction and there was a lot of memorabilia on display with little notes that gave approximate pricing.  this was kinda cool - an entire guest relations doorway with a microphone stand and shield that had once been used by walt disney himself.

there was quite a wide variety of cast member name badges available:

here's a fun display of random disney headgear:

check out this promo bumper sticker - it was in fantastic condition.  maybe someone found it pressed in the pages of a book, or tucked away in a file somewhere.

vintage disneyland board games and random toys!  this was just one of many shelves full of similar items.

i swear i remember having a similarly-styled alarm clock back in the olden days when i was little.  mine was mickey mouse-themed, though. now i wish i'd kept that thing. 

these machines used to be in the park and for the price of one shiny quarter you could take home a freshly made plastic toy in the shape of the character of the day.  if you visit the pinball hall of fame in vegas, you'll find one of these machines still in operation.  i don't know if they switch out the characters, and i'm pretty sure it probably costs more than $.25 now, but still...pretty cool.

there used to be an aunt jemima-themed restaurant at disneyland.  it was long gone before my first visit in 1979, but here's some stuff that someone managed to keep from it.

this audio-animatronic bird was fully functional and was part of the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room (you're welcome).  the sign gave an estimated price of about $30,000 - but i heard that it went for far more than that.  eek.

you could have pieces of the indiana jones attraction in your home, because that wouldn't be scary as hell to wake up and catch a glimpse of in the middle of the night.

these items would make for some fun decor though, like in a game room or a nice back yard.

i'm always amused at the ride vehicles for sale, because really...where would you even put one of those?  what normal human has room for (or money to spend on) one of these things?

how about a set of the stretching portraits from the haunted mansion elevator?

or maybe a ride control panel...perhaps the hitchhiking ghosts?  you could have halloween in your house year-round!

these signs would be fun, although again - where would you put them?

you used to be able to buy postcards from vending machines like this:

the bean adored the tower of terror and offered to pool their life savings in order to bring these pieces home (i said no):

but i might have caved had they wanted to bid on this, because i still think one of these themed trash cans would be really fun to have.  yes, i sure would.

here's a bunch of random club 33-themed stuff:

and there was a corner filled with items from disney world as well.

the last room was kind of like a yard sale - super random disney-related items that normal people could afford, if they really wanted to.  there was stuff like dolls and coffee mugs and hats and figurines and old magazines and everything in between.

and i was really amused to see a full shelf of hotel toiletries, because i have a plastic shoebox at home with a bunch of this stuff.  

and that's it! i sure didn't bid on any of this stuff, but i wonder how many of these pieces john stamos added to his collection.  if i ever run into him again i'm totally gonna ask him.

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