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Thursday, August 3, 2023

summer photo dump

we've been having the best, most chill summer break in years.  this is the year that the bean is free to just focus on relaxing and de-stressing and taking some time for self-care, and it's really done them a lot of good as we gear up for the next school year - which is coming faster than any of us really care to think about.

one day, we scooped up their BFF and headed down to long beach to spend some time at the aquarium of the pacific.

and on another day, they gathered up a couple of other friends in their circle and came over to the house to do some cooking going off of a menu that they came up with themselves.  the teamwork was in full effect as they made fresh pasta plus pesto and marinara sauces from scratch and an amazing layered brownie for dessert. they made me a plate and i somehow gobbled it all down before i even considered that i probably should have taken a picture as proof.

time with the old lady has been scarce, but we make the most of it when we can get it.

and we celebrated my gram's 98th birthday:

we even got our little family all together to enjoy some pool time, which was really fun.

i've gotten to dogsit a couple of times, which i love:

the bean and i have been to the 'land a few times, of course.  we headed over there for "christmas in july," and i couldn't resist the lure of a gingerbread mickey cookie in the middle of summer.

plus i made the bean recreate an old photo on the way out of mickey's house.

i've squeezed in some fun gatherings with my friends, too.

and then boring stuff too, like doctor's appointments and a summer cut.

we've got just about three weeks of summer freedom before the bean officially starts their sophomore year, and all i want to do is stop time.  

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