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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

hitting the beach

our last day in miami was a beach day.  the spot that the hub reserved for us the day before was ready and waiting for us, and it was perfect for us.  we had the doublewide lounge chair with the built in umbrella, and the staff brought over three more chairs and umbrellas to accommodate the whole family.  the kids spent most of their time frolicking in the ocean while the hub and i relaxed in the shade.

i couldn't help it, the backdrop was too funny.

there was a super sweet dog in the space next to us.  he was so good, just sitting quietly and snacking on the goodies that his people would put out for him now and then.

once we'd had our fill of sun and sand, we got ourselves cleaned up and headed out to do a little window shopping.  this super fancy car had everyone's attention:

there was some sort of professional photo shoot going on here, so we didn't get to take advantage of the photo op.  or, more accurately, *i* didn't get to take advantage...

art is weird.  

i'd spotted this bright and colorful mural from the freeway when we'd first arrived in miami beach.

of course, there were lots of high-end shops to browse through.  we didn't actually go into any of them, with louis vuitton by appointment only or a standby line with an hour long wait.  

this is what the bean did to kill time while we waited for the valet to bring the car around.

we stopped here for a quick treat.  artisan popsicles all around, although i ordered mine affogato-style.  always gotta be different, i guess.

for dinner that night, we decided to try something different.  the old lady and the fianc√© love to watch the "one bite pizza" review guy, and one of the places that he'd visited was nearby.  we were a little thrown off because the GPS took us to a super random looking office building that was undergoing renovations, but the security guard at the entrance assured us that we were in the right place.

the place was tiny, and at first they were reluctant to seat us as we didn't have a reservation even though it was empty when we got there.  the hostess made us promise to be done in under an hour, and then she seated us.  so weird.

we've never met a burrata/prosciutto plate we didn't like.

that extends to pizza, as well.

and we threw in a classic cheese pizza for good measure.

we were indeed finished in the time allotted, and the man in the kitchen (could've been the owner, or a manager, who knows) seemed to feel a little remorse for the harsh way we'd been treated when we arrived because he came bearing gifts - a plate of freshly made nutella-filled pastries for dessert, on the house.

and that's how we wrapped up our time in miami. 

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