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Thursday, July 1, 2021

the last hurrah

the next morning, the bean went out onto the balcony to take one last look at the beach before we packed up the car again and made our way down to our last stop of the trip - fort lauderdale.

she managed to sweet talk her daddy into driving a little bit out of our way so that she could try something she'd discovered on buzzfeed - brazilian sweets called brigadeiros.

we tried to grab some breakfast at the bagel shop next door, but they were only accepting online orders with a wait time of over an hour.  and so instead we hit up yelp and found another bagel spot that was on the way to our hotel in fort lauderdale.  i placed the order online and when i went inside to pick it up, i spotted this machine that i would have loved to try (i don't know why i didn't, really):

once we arrived at our hotel, we changed into pool attire and headed down to see if we could score one of their cabanas.  it was party central down there, but we managed to snag the last one.

as we were enjoying our afternoon of lounging poolside, we had a little visitor.  he was harmless and just wanted to see what was going on, but the ladies in the cabana next to us freaked the eff out and shooed the poor guy away.

our room was pretty basic.  nothing special, but it was clean and spacious.

to make things easy, we had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel.  we were seated outside on the patio, where we were attacked by flies as soon as dinner was served and the server could do nothing to help as the ceiling fan over our heads was apparently broken.

not to mention that when i was served my entree, i was a little surprised to find it looking back at me.  i mean, i'm no stranger to whole fish on a plate, but i wasn't expecting it to be served this way.  too bad he didn't scare the flies away.

we went out to drive along the main strip afterwards in search of dessert and ended up grabbing ice cream from a little shop we found on yelp.  mine was topped with fresh caramel corn.

when we got back, the lobby was pretty deserted although we could hear some serious bass coming from one of the ballrooms where we'd seen a wedding reception being set up.

we had a fairly early flight the next morning, so we went up to get ourselves all packed and ready to go.  vacation is lovely, but i think we were all ready to get back home after nine days away.  we had no problems getting to the airport and through security, and found ourselves in our seats in no time.


i spent the flight alternating between dozing off and watching...something that i can't even remember anymore.  and just like that, we were back in l.a.:

the rainbow mosaic wall is always my favorite part of walking through lax after landing.

everyone was excited to get to the pet hotel so we could see our dogs.  i'd really missed them.

there's nothing like returning to the comfort of your own home after a long trip.  laundry be damned.

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