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Thursday, July 8, 2021

not throwing away our shots

coming back home after a long vacation was actually pretty nice.  it's always good to be back in your own bed and your own space after living out of a suitcase.  we got ourselves unpacked, laundry done, settled into our usual routines in no time.

and almost immediately, we made our appointments to get our covid vaccines.  the hub had been chomping at the bit for it as soon as we became eligible, and while the old lady and i were a little less excited about that needle we were also more than ready for it.  we scheduled it so that we could all go together, and so just a couple of days after we got home we were at the kaiser clinic bright and early for our 8:50am appointment.

we weren't alone.

i was really nervous. like, on the verge of tears.  i'm much more used to having blood drawn and not having something shot into me, so i guess it was really fear of the unknown?  the old lady, having had surgery for her wisdom teeth just a few days before, was nervous but less so because she'd just gotten stuck with a couple of needles herself.  it was very nice of my husband to take this just before i got jabbed:

but just as everyone had already told me, it really wasn't as bad as i'd imagined.  they use a really small needle, and i'd reminded myself that at least they didn't have to look for a vein - all they had to do was stick the needle in there and get the vaccine in my arm.  and so like a small child, i was feeling really proud of myself afterwards.

and what else did i do that day?  well, i busted out the embroidery machine and did this.  yes, this is how big of a dork i am.  you already know.

and in case you're wondering, i took the bean to get her shot as soon as her age group was approved for it.  she was even less excited than i was.

but i'm happy to say that we've all received our second shots and are well past the two week waiting period to be able to call ourselves fully vaccinated!  bring on the herd immunity!  and eff off, delta variant.  we don't want the likes of you 'round these parts.

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