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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

together at last

after a really long hiatus, the getalong gang reunited to celebrate mini cee's birthday.  the venue?  korean bbq, of course!

mini cee, by the way, is literally her mother's mini-me now.  so grown up!  she and the bean loved being together again, taking selfies and showing each other their favorite apps on their phones.  or at least that's what i'm assuming they were doing.

well, at least i was taking selfies.  like this.

dailygluttony had brought party favors, which were appreciated by pretty much everyone.  BTS branded cold brew, anyone?

but once the food started rolling out it was serious business.  we had two grills, and i was perfectly happy to sit back and let the girls take over the cooking duties.

and we managed to get our server to take a halfway decent group photo of us - well, most of us.  miniDG decided it was funnier to crouch down behind his mother and stay well out of camera range.

it's okay, though.  when we headed outside we corralled the three kids for one of our favorite forms of torture - recreating old photos.  here's the original:

and the 2021 version.

after a lot of craziness, we moms managed to score a photo too.

the birthday girl's actual birthday was the very next day, and she spent part of it in the best way possible - snagging her first dose of the pfizer vaccine.  

ah, the joys of life during covid, amirite??

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