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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

another dose of disney magic

when you buy two-day park passes to disneyland, you have to use the second ticket within two weeks of going the first time.  and due to schedule conflicts, we ended up booking day two just a week later.  obviously, this was not a hardship for any of us.

this time, we got in line a lot earlier than the previous week.  good thing too, because it was already pretty crowded by then.  this is what the line looked like even an hour and a half before the parks were scheduled to open:

the time dragged, but finally we got through the temperature check and security checkpoints and made our way to the disneyland turnstiles.

the old lady was pretty happy to get her annual birthday button - even though it was a few weeks late, she didn't care.

we made our way into tomorrowland and practically walked right onto the star tours ride.

space mountain came next.  we got on almost as quickly here, which was pretty awesome.

from there, we made our way into galaxy's edge where we ran into chewbacca again, just like last week.

we'd managed to snag boarding passes for rise of the resistance that morning, and we got called to the ride pretty early - yay for group 34!

a quick selfie before heading back out into frontierland:

check out the old lady's crocs - these are the post malone collab, with lots of disney-themed bling on them.

by then we needed a snack, so we mobile ordered some skewers from bengal bbq while the old lady grabbed a corn dog that she'd been craving for weeks.  and then i checked "popcorn" off of my "must have" list.

i found the disneyland version of the disney world tee i was wearing in one of the shops.

this was our last ride before we headed over to california adventure, and the bean pointed out something none of us had noticed before - a telescope on an upper balcony.

on to the next!

even though the line was still pretty ridiculously long, we headed over to radiator springs racers to get our cars fix.

and we decided to tackle a craving AND recreate an old photo at the ghirardelli shop.

because we'd done so much at california adventure the week before - and we were feeling pretty drained from the early morning and the warmth of the day, we decided to head on out of there.  on our way out, we stopped at the old annual passholder window in one of the shops and snagged our "legacy passholder" magnets.

bye for now, disneyland!  see ya real soon!

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