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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

that's the way the cookie crumbl..s

on our way home from an afternoon at the mall, the girls and i spotted a new cookie bakery opening across the street.  it wasn't quite open yet, but we definitely filed that info away in the back of our heads and continued on our merry way.

the next time the old lady and i ventured out for some shopping, we decided that we needed to go and check it out.  and our timing was good, because they'd just opened for the day when we got there.

it smelled so good in there.  reminded me of the old days of working at dots cupcakes.

when you enter, you head to the wall to place your order on the ipads.

they had the cookie flavors set out on a tray at the register, and while they weren't exactly gideon's bakehouse-size these were still pretty substantial.

and because it's us, we ordered a box filled with one of each flavor.  duh.

chocolate cake.  this was the bean's favorite.

pink velvet.  we actually couldn't figure out what this was supposed to taste like.

mom's cookie - this seemed like a hybrid of oatmeal and chocolate chip, but again, we never did really figure out exactly what it was.

the lemon glaze was pretty basic.

"chilled sugar" wasn't actually "chilled," but it was okay. pretty much your basic sugar cookie, like the ones you get at the grocery store.

the picture i took of the chocolate chip turned out super blurry, but i think you know what a chocolate chip cookie looks like.  right?

i think you can tell from my lack of gushing commentary that we weren't particularly bowled over by any of these cookies.  and it's funny - since we tried these it seems like more and more outlets of this franchise are popping up everywhere.  i mean, good for them - i hope they're super successful!  but for us it was a one-and-done kind of thing.  the flavors we tried were pretty blah - nothing special whatsoever.  and certainly not worth the price tag they came with.  but i suppose that's actually a good thing!  last thing i need is yet another treat to become obsessed with.  

now open a mochi donut shop in my 'hood and it's game over.

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