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Thursday, June 24, 2021

hot, sweaty fun in the sun

the old lady, the fiancé and i kicked off our first full day in miami with a sweat session in the hotel's gym, nicely located at the top of the building.

it was really well equipped, with lots of weights and treadmills and even two peloton bikes - which were taken both times we used the gym, so i still haven't had the chance to try a ride.  instead, i got on the treadmill despite its lack of fun features like the one i have at home.  whatever, i still got a good sweat on.

after we got ourselves cleaned up, we headed out on foot to do a little exploring in miami.  i was surprised to see this in the park - it was just like the seven magic mountains installation out near vegas.  

we parked the car and decided to walk through the art deco district, which ended up with me getting "bad boys" firmly stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

as you can imagine, it was sweltering out there between the bright sun and the high level of humidity.  and we were all hungry, so we ended up at a familiar spot - havana 1957, which the hub and i also visited the last time we were here.

as we started making our way back towards the hotel, the old lady took us on a detour to try a local coffee shop called crema.

as we got closer to the confidante, we decided to check out the beach scene.  the hotel has a little stretch of beach where they have lounge chairs and cabanas available for their guests, and while it was already pretty crowded for that day the hub managed to swing us a reservation for a nice spot the next day.

the pool scene at the hotel was pretty crowded too, but not unbearably so.  and they still had a couple of poolside cabanas available, so while we went upstairs to change the hub took care of reserving one for us for the rest of the day.  while we hung out like VIPs, he took the opportunity to duck out and visit a couple of his favorite cigar spots.  i love how he always makes it to where everyone's happy and having a great time, no matter where we are.

for dinner that night, he'd booked us a table at a restaurant that one of his well-traveled friends had highly recommended - pubbelly sushi.  the bean was STOKED.

and for good reason.  literally every single bite we ate was delicious.  even the old lady, who isn't really much of a seafood/sushi fan enjoyed the meal, although i'm pretty sure the top shelf sake helped.

between the workout, the walking, the sun, the pool, and all the tasty grub...we were happy to hit the sheets that night.  we may not be big partiers, but we still squeezed in a ton of fun in our first day in miami.

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