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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

let's go, peloton!

once we were settled back home after our whirlwind week in hawaii, the hub threw me a giant bone (heheh) and gave me the green light to place an order for something i really never ever thought i'd want:

those few rides i got to take in the surfrider's fitness center really got me hooked.  i was terrible at it, but i enjoyed it so much that i couldn't wait to do it again.  and luckily, my wait wasn't too long - just a week later, the delivery truck pulled up in front of the house and these guys brought in our new toy:

they were pros and had it all assembled and in place within minutes.  after giving me a quick overview, they left me to get it all adjusted for my first ride.

as you can imagine, i'd ordered myself some sweet cycling shoes that arrived while i waited for the bike to be delivered.  i pulled them out and sat right down to start attaching the cleats - which would probably have been pretty comical to watch as i sat there muttering and fumbling for a youtube video to watch.

and of course...i bought accessories.  i got the special towel that fits right on the handlebars (which comes in very handy because this thing makes me sweat like nothing else), plus a little fan that's quite the lifesaver.

unlike in hawaii, with a full subscription i had full access to all of the classes - which, as i found out, included a full 30-minute session with a spice girls playlist.  so good.

and check out this super fun shirt my friend dailygluttony gifted me for my birthday!

oh, and the old lady and i have been taking an aerial yoga class at a brand new studio pretty close to home.  we're really enjoying it, and the hour goes by so fast because we're having so much fun.

the old lady created her own profile on the bike, and she comes over to ride a few times a week - alternating with sessions on the treadmill, which we both still use and enjoy.  along with the rowing machine and the few free weights we have, we've got a pretty nice little home gym setup now and i love it.

and before i knew it, i hit this milestone:

and last week, i finally got myself together and took a live ride - with cody rigsby, of course.  i'd heard lots about him before i joined the cult, and he totally lives up to the hype.  he's so entertaining and his playlists are always right up my alley.

i got the hub to try it too, although he didn't love it as much as me.  and i'm working on the bean too, trying to entice her with an all-BTS playlist, but so far it's still a no-go.

give me time.  i'll get her on this bike at least once, i swear.  it'll happen!

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