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Friday, October 29, 2021

celebrating mama wan

2021 happens to be a milestone year for mama wan too - she turned 75 in august.  my aunt had suggested throwing a big party to celebrate, and while covid was still a concern we decided to go ahead and plan it.  after looking at a few local options, we settled on an italian restaurant in pasadena that lilcee had suggested, and a couple of weeks after we got home from hawaii it was go time.

lilcee also has a magic touch with flowers, and graciously offered to handle centerpieces for us.  she and i headed out to the flower mart in downtown l.a. the day before the party and picked up lots of fresh, pretty blooms in my mom's favorite color.

the next morning, the hub and i headed out early so that we'd have time to stop at party city for the balloons i'd ordered and then to lilcee's to pick up the arrangements that she put together.  my aunt and cousin were already at the restaurant when we got there and the hub helped me arrange all of the decorations and put the cookies i'd made at each place setting.  we managed to finish everything up just before the guest of honor arrived.

i think she was pleased with how everything turned out, and as friends and family arrived she glowed more and more with happiness and excitement.

before long, the room was full of happy guests.  the food was set out buffet-style, from salads to pasta to pizza to entrees.  and before long, everyone was seated with a full plate of food to enjoy together.

my aunt and cousin had put together an extensive slideshow that covered the majority of my mom's life, from childhood to present day.  it seemed to go over really well, especially if you base the level of success on whether you manage to bring tears to the guest of honor's eyes.

lots of photos were taken, which also included our "four generations" portrait - complete at last, with both of my girls in attendance.

we even managed to get a huge group photo - i think we got everyone here.

and then it was time for cake - because every birthday involves cake, amirite?

it was a lovely way to celebrate my mom, and i was really glad that we were able to gather most of her loved ones together for the afternoon.  yay for mama wan!  

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