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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

partying like rock stars

while the bean, the hub and MIL were excited at the prospect of spending four hours on horseback, i...was not.  it's just not my thing, and the few times i've tried it i always find myself anxious and uncomfortable the whole time.  and so i was happy to get up the next morning and see them off as they headed out to the stables to meet up with the guide while i hung out in the cabin.  i was pretty amused when i went back inside and noticed that what i'd been seeing on the doorstep was not, in fact, some sort of creepy crawly.  no, instead i looked a little closer and realized that someone must have really partied their face off and lost one of their eyelash strips from the wedding that had happened the night before we checked in.  

since the only wifi available was in the lobby/dining room, i'd attempted to download a barre class from the peloton app so that i could continue the month-long streak i was on.  unfortunately, i found out that you actually have to have some sort of internet access to do any of the classes even if you "preload" one - which doesn't really make sense.  and so while we were having breakfast, i screen recorded the class that i wanted to take so that i'd get credit for it.  back at the cabin, i turned on the tv to kill some time and digest my breakfast before my workout:

meanwhile, the others had checked in with the guide down at the stables and met their horses.

i did my barre class, took a nice hot shower and then busted out some yarn to cast on a new project.  but first, i had to wind it into a ball and i'd packed my yarn swift to do just that.  i had five skeins of this:

and i set up my yarn swift on the table:

within a couple of minutes, the first ball was done.

exciting stuff, amirite?  well, it is for me.  in the meantime, the others were having a ball out on the trail.

they returned to the cabin, dusty and exhilarated.  once they had a chance to get cleaned up, we hopped into the truck and headed out to solvang to see if we could find some snacks and stuff.  and as we usually do, we grabbed a table at this restaurant to have some fresh, hot aebelskivers topped with raspberry jam:

of course, we stopped in here so that MIL could pick up a bucket of cookies to take home to FIL.

it was just about time for a little pick-me-up, so we walked over to this cute little coffee shop and managed to grab some lattes before they closed for the day.

i got the bean to recreate a photo from the last time we were up here in 2020:

and then we drove over to see the old santa barbara mission, which was closed by the time we got there.  no biggie, we just walked around it and took pictures.

none of us were particularly interested in going back to the ranch for dinner, so our last stop was the pier.  we put our names down for a table at the santa barbara shellfish company, and were seated fairly quickly.

by the time we got back to the cabin it was cold and dark, and after the hours they'd spent riding their horses everyone was pretty tired.  we were all in bed before 11, like the party animals we are.

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