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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

who's the goat?

scrolling through facebook one day, a post on my local moms' page caught my eye.  two words:

goat. yoga.

oh yes.  i immediately hit up the bean to see if i could possibly drag them to go with me, and although the "uhhhhh, sure" response i got was definitely given begrudgingly, i took it and booked two spots immediately.  heh.

it was advertised as a super easy class for all levels, and i was excited to give it a shot.  i must confess that i really don't love yoga...it's usually just too slow for me, and i get bored.  not that it's easy - at all - but i need a little more activity in my workouts than most yoga classes.  but this sounded like a good time, and getting to share it with the bean would make it even better.  i'd have asked the old lady, but she was off with the old man on their first anniversary trip to hawaii at the time (and honestly, i'm not at all sure that she'd have been interested).

we arrived at the studio a few minutes early to get ourselves checked in.

once everyone had arrived and was settled in, the instructor stood up to give us a breakdown of what to expect and then the goats and their attendants made their entrance.

as we were led through some warmups and basic poses, the goats made their way around the room.  there was a lot of giggling and a few muted shrieks as everyone got a turn with each goat.  the bean and i were thoroughly amused at the whole thing.  here's a shitton of pictures from our time with our new four-legged friends:

before we left, we took advantage of a quick photo op with the goats:

i'm not sure that i'd do it again, but they did make the hourlong session go by pretty fast, and having them standing on our backs or leaning up against us really did help get a good stretch.  it was a pretty fun experience, although i wouldn't necessarily call it a great workout more than a cute little novelty, and now i can check it off of my list of things to try.  

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