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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

january round-up

the rest of january was full of all kinds of random moments.  while still on winter break from school, the bean went back to millennium dance complex for some fun dance lessons:

and we were lucky enough to catch my friend amber during at least one session.

i picked up the crochet hook and followed a pattern to make this:

and while it looks like - well, let’s just say it - giant anal beads, with a few twists and flips it turned into this.

the bean and i realized that the delicious boba shop we’d discovered in nyc has a couple of locations in so cal, so we made the trek out to alhambra.  

the hub and i started going on morning walks together - we’d walk around the block a few times, or venture out a little further to grab a coffee at a local indie shop.  they were fun little dates, and it was nice to spend that time together.

the bean and i met up with the getalong gang to continue an annual tradition of getting together around the new year for some korean bbq.  unbeknownst to the kids, we decided to have everyone show up in matching kirkland sweatshirts.  they definitely cringed once we gathered and they realized what was going on, and we got a few looks as we talked and laughed through our meal together.

do you remember the party i attended last year where we were asked to dress as pop divas?  this year, the theme was “barbie.” this should have been an easy one for me, but i went through a few different ideas (thanks, amazon) before settling on one i felt comfortable enough to go out in public in.

january was also the start of “7ish at 7ish,” which is a 7:30am sunday boot camp class with anywhere from 4-7 of my best friends (depending on who’s available to show up).  we meet at a gym in pasadena and get our asses handed to us by my friend trish’s personal trainer - and then we pick a spot to go for breakfast immediately afterwards. heh.  this was our first session:

the class is always challenging, and we usually trade messages throughout the week about how sore we are.  but as much as we bitch and moan about it, i think most of us are secretly enjoying it…or, at least, are proud of ourselves for sticking it out. 

and here’s a random picture in my favorite hoodie to close it out.

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