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Monday, May 14, 2007

bad, BAD blogger!

talk about slacker.... i haven't posted in months!

but i realized today that i better get on it. and i guess it's going to turn into a pregnancy blog! i want to be able to look back later on and remember everything. i think.

so i'm 20 weeks along as of yesterday. it's hard to believe that in another 20 weeks, we'll have a baby. holy crap! let's see....what else? ummm....i need to work on gaining weight. i've only gained one pound and the doc and the hub are both on my ass about it. i don't have any freaky cravings. i can't touch meat (although i seem to be softening towards chicken now and then). shrimp and crab seem to be all i manage to choke down in the way of dinners. and when i do manage to eat, it isn't much. luckily, i'm able to drink milk. and the other day, i ate some WATERMELON. i thought the hub and the kid were going to pass out when they saw it.

today, crunch berries are my friend. and chocolate - i seem to have a burning need for plain hershey's milk chocolate bars. damn. so much for trying to gain the weight in a HEALTHY way.

i better make sure i save this post, for sure. i want to remember the one time in my life that i got in trouble for not weighing enough!


  1. If only I had that problem! ;) Yay for your venture out to fruit land. Ha!

  2. OMG you ate fruit...I'm feeling faint!


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