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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

here she is, the newest love of my life.

we're so excited about our newest addition to the family.

she's absolutely gorgeous.

she's my newest obsession.

i can't stop looking at her.

she's changed my life profoundly.

and oh, man, is she sweet. here she is:

that's right, folks. we traded in my little car for a new X5. family friendly, cute, and still sporty, just like me. ha! don'tcha love it?


  1. Super jealousE. Seriously, loves it!

  2. Yup. Still jealous. And now that I've seen it in real life, even more so. Bah!

  3. I win the award for most comments to one blog entry....

    Tag! You're it! Go read my blog!

  4. Damn, damn, damn! I tagged you too...so I guess I'm behind on this. Oh well...go see my site. ;)


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