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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

tag, i'm screwed.

i say this because those who have tagged me already got to the few bloggers i know! crap. well, i'm always a sucker for those "learn new things about your friends" chain e-mails, so you know i'm playing along with this one, too. so here goes:

each player starts with seven random facts or habits about himself or herself. a tagged player then writes a blog entry with the seven things, as well as these rules. then the player tags seven others and lists their names on his or her blog. remember to leave a comment for your newly tagged players, letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. i'm turning into a major wuss. i used to be the kind of girl who would be marking my calendar for new rides at amusement parks - and usually had a season pass. i rode 'em all - viper, goliath, batman, riddler, even x. as long as it wasn't a wooden coaster (which gives me the worst headaches), i was all over it. the kid has vague recollections of her early years, when we spent many a summer weekday making the drive out to valencia to walk up and down the ridiculous hills of magic mountain.

2. i'm terrible at dressing myself. seriously, even though i love shopping more than chocolate, i'm terrible at putting cool outfits together. if you look at me, i'm always in jeans and some top i thought was cool, or maybe a dress that saved me from having to put any actual thought into my appearance. and accessories? fuhgeddaboutit. i'm always wearing the same old silver hoop earrings, my watch, rings, one of about 3 silver necklaces with a heart charm, and the "return to tiffany" bracelet that i refuse to stop wearing, even though many would say that it belongs on pre-teens and high school age girls. not a 35-year-old hag. btw, this extends to my house as well. if not for my dear hub, we'd have bare walls and nothing but basic furniture.

3. i'm fluent in tagalog. this fact still surprises folks to this day - even a family member now and then will express their shock at hearing me speak in the tongue of the homeland. i wish i could've taught the kid the super-secret language, too, but she's always been resistant. hey, my mom was a teacher - i guess she had the skills to sneak in lessons without me knowing it. i'm just not that clever.

4. i never met a reality show i didn't like.... except for the motha of all reality shows, "survivor". i've watched them all - "temptation island", "hell's kitchen", "the bachelor(ette)", even that horrible one on fox that had the pretty blonde having to pretend to be in love with the big fat guy and finding out at their "wedding" that it was all a hoax. and yet i've never seen a single episode of "survivor". i don't know why, but it's just never caught my interest. very sad.

5. magazines are my friend. i'm a HUGE magazine junkie. you name it, i've subscribed to it. i kick the mailbox on fridays when it doesn't contain my highly-anticipated new issue of us weekly. i pick up the ones i can't bring myself to subscribe to at the grocery store. lately, i've tortured myself by not allowing myself to crack them open unless i'm at the gym. but it's working - i manage to get to the gym more often now. and it makes me into the biggest hypocrite, because as i support the magazines who support the paparazzi, i always feel sorry for the celebrities who can't eat lunch or take a dump without having to worry about a camera in their face. go figure.

6. ralph's is one of my favorite places. i really like going grocery shopping. sometimes i'll clip coupons and snatch the receipt from the cashier's hand to see how much i "saved" (because we all know that prices on stuff that has coupons on sunday are automatically increased the night before, right?), but not always. i like buying food. i like picking up the newest creations that the snack companies have dreamed up just for suckers like me. my current debate is whether or not to give the oreos with the strawberry flavored filling a try. it's a catch-22 - if i hate it, i'll be pissed to have wasted $3.49 on it. but if i love it, i'll dread the day when they realize that no one but me does, and stop producing it. and if you slap "limited edition" on a food, most likely you'll get my money. at least once.

7. housekeeping. bleh. i can blog/knot, shop, or i can scrub toilets. or just wait for the cleaning crew. no further explanation necessary.

okay, i'm done. i'm going to tag married not buried, our baby j, and twentysomething. that's less than seven, but i don't care. i don't know anybody else to tag, because i'm a loser, baby.


  1. I love your list. It's inspiring me to add pictures to mine.

  2. These lists are fun! It's finding the seven bloggers to tag that's not as fun!

  3. really, no survivor? that makes me sad :-(

    as for tagging folks, i've tagged randoms. they are probably going to look at the comments and think "huh?"

  4. we can totally be blog friends. we both read nan, so we already have something in common, plus i know like three whole words in tagalog.... mahal kita being the only phrase and i hope that's spelled right... your blog entries make me giggle. i'm also a magazine junkie... go see.

  5. Dang dude, I already did the six random comments thing on my blog. I can't think of an additional seven to add to that. Sorry, I'm gonna be a lame blogfriend.

  6. ha ha ha.... I love your list... BUT DIZZAM... pictures and all? Ok, I'm so on it, but it may take me a few minutes. ;)


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